SV06 Overhangs problem

Hello everyone !

I noticed with my last few prints that my SV06 has very bad overhangs
I’m using sunlu meta PLA at only 180°C and I even slow down by 50% the printing speed on overhangs. I tried everything to make them work, lowering the overall printing speed, lowering the temperature even lower, buying another filament, nothing works.
On overhangs and overhangs only I get this grainy texture and layers totally drooping down.
I asked about this many times on reddit and nobody was able to help me, I just figured ou that it must be the part cooling that’s bad.
I don’t know how to fix that, it’s always at 100%, I’ve even tried to adjust the screws of the baseplate on the part cooling fan but the screws justt come back to the middle after screwing.
I don’t think I should have to buy a whole other fan, filament and screws just to be able to make my printer work properly and I can’t get any good print since I got it.
Any help other than the ones I talked about ?

Have a wonderful day and thanks in advance !

Yeah, the unfortunate truth is that the layer cooling fan on the SV06 is pretty terrible. A 4010 fan isn’t the worst thing in the world, but the placement and awful shroud design make it nearly useless. The fact that the intake for the fan is facing down means you’re basically just pulling in hot air from the bed and blowing it over the nozzle.

I finally bit the bullet and replaced the whole assembly with a 5015 fan + shroud that I found on printables. There is also at least 1 design out there for a 4020 fan assembly.

Sovol seems to have a habit of making printers that are like 85% perfectly okay and then drop the ball with some objectively questionable design choices. Another good example of this is the SV01 build plate.

Thanks for your enlighting comment.
Could you link the design for the 4020 fan ? Do I need anything other than PLA to print it ?

Stock part cooling fan can be adjusted to improve cooling performance.
Please check this thread for solution.