SV06 bad prints


I’m a 3d printer noob. I owned a resin 3d printer briefly and exchanged it for the SV06 because of the toxic fumes. But the prints were really accurate.

I’m getting all sorts of blobs and loose filaments and I’m not sure what to do to start fixing them.

So far, the only thing I have gotten to print nicely is the benchy that came with the printer, which I believe was at 175° with a 60° bed. I couldn’t get anything to stick to the plate at 60°, so I leved the bed manually (with Sovol firmware I found on Reddit), raised the plate up to 80 and the adhesion seemed to work. But now the poor prints and level of detail are bothering me.

I’m using Creality Ender PLA, and the box says 195-220 so I tried this one at 195 with 0.1mm layers but the small parts inside the “grip” are connected together so the object I printed doesn’t work as intended.

I can’t really see how this peace is supposed to look like but it looks like the problem is mainly overhangs.
Have you printed with support?

the SV06 is really bad at overhangs due to the stock cooling fan. I couldn’t get anything remotely good looking until I swapped out the stock 4010 for a 5015 mounted on the back.

Hi, thank you so much for your reply… your help is much appreciated! This is the thing I was trying to print:

On that item, I didn’t print with supports. I’m struggling with Cura’s supports. When I briefly had a resin printer, it seemed like the supports in Chitubox and Lychee slicer were intuitively designed and easy to remove, but the automatic Cura ones are really thick and hard to remove.

Speaking of supports, I also just printed this model, using supports, and it turned out a mess of spaghetti. Do you have any additional tips on how to improve things? Thanks again for your help!

Thank you!! I heard about this model and had it on my list to print, because I read about the SV06 heat problems… I was waiting until I was printing a little better. Any tips on how to get the cooling duct model to print well?

I’m struggling to understand this, too… the thing I mentioned above in reply to @karlsinn came out mostly OK after removing the spaghetti supports, but failed in this small portion, making part of this almost-9 hour print unusable.

How can I improve stuff like this that just fails in a weird spot?

I don’t trust recommend setting from filament manufacturer. Set it over 200c.

Sv06 is pretty good at overhang from my experience.

The problem at your end could be your filament is wet. Invest in a filament dryer ($50 or less on Amazon) or use your oven to dry the filament.

Your settings might be off. You can use my settings to see if it works for you. Make sure your filament is dry first.


Hi @Kgluong - thank you very much for your help.

I did buy a @sovol3d filament dryer with my sv06 so I’m pretty sure my problems don’t have anything to do with moisture in the filament.

I entered all your settings into Cura, and then printed one successful print that didn’t require supports.

Larger prints are ripping off the bed mid-print. Any suggestions?

you could try to set build plate adhesion to brim or raft.

Thanks @karlsinn, I will try that.

Why do some people seem to be making perfect prints from the start with the SV06, and others of us seem to be having a lot of trouble? Being new to FDM printing, I don’t know what I should expect. Are a lot of problems with builds normal, or is there a problem with this printer and it should be returned?

even if the hardware works well, there are so many things to consider (just check all the settings you can change in the slicer). And many of these things need to be adjusted differently to every new material you’re going to print. If you look on youtube you’ll find that there’ a huge amount of videos that simply try to propose solutions for printing problems.
so… enjoy the process of learning :slight_smile:

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Quality control for products at this price range is extremely tumultuous. Some of us get lucky, some of us get disappointment.

Same goes for customer support.

If the print move, it means you have bad bed adhesion. Try doing bed leveling again. Also invest in some glue sticks. They are around $1 each at Walmart. If you have kids in k-4 you probably can steal one or two from them.

The first layer is the most important layer in any print. It have to be perfect or near perfect. Make sure your bed level is correct. Most problems related to bed leveling.

I dry my filament 6 to 12 hours. Make sure it absolutely dry.

3d printing have a very high learning curve. It is a very time consuming hobby. It took me at least half of year and countless of failures to be good at it.

It winter around my area. Cold ambient room temperature do have a negative affect on prints.

That stinks. One of the main reasons I wanted to get into 3d printing is that you can make tools and practical things, but if they aren’t accurate they’re useless.

Anyway, I printed the fan mount you recommended (first PETG print) and it looks like it turned out OK. Looking forward to giving it a try, thanks!

Thanks for the the tips @Kgluong! I’m going to give these things a try. My prints have improved a lot so far thanks to you and everyone else. Looking forward to learning how else to refine them.

Two of the characteristics of Petg prints are increase blobbing and stringing. Different filaments materials have different print characteristics.

Reddit have some very good forums on 3d printing. Here are two of them.

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I use glue sticks on all my prints. My print plates are filled with glue. I don’t clean them regularly. I applied another layer on top of the one i already used.

Glue sticks are easy to clean tho. Hot water and paper towels. No damage to pei plate. Non-toxic.

Beware of toxicity in some filament. pla and petg are non-toxic but abs is toxic. If you get into resin (sla) printing or other type of 3d printing be aware of toxicity. Resin sla printing is highly toxic for example. Resin liquids are toxic.

Thank you for those tips. I have kids, so I’m going to steal some of their glue sticks :smile:

Beware of toxicity in some filament. pla and petg are non-toxic but abs is toxic.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Resin sla printing is highly toxic for example. Resin liquids are toxic.

I had an Elegoo Saturn S resin printer for a few weeks, but I returned it because of the toxic smell and annoying cleaning required. I was very surprised at how great the prints came out, and how quick it was to learn. But the smell was filling the house, and I wanted the kids to be able to make models and participate, so I got rid of it and got the Sovol SV-06 instead. I am hoping that I won’t regret that decision. I really appreciate your help with all this.

how is cooling affecting the overhangs?