Sv06 failure

SOVOL still doesnt understand stress relief. Found this when my bed reported -46 C. Im sure its perfectly safe. I guess you get what you pay for. This isnt an isolated event either

Not the first either

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I had a similar problem but mine was the positive lead coming off.

As the bed bled the heat from my soldering iron I couldnt get the pad hot enough to solder it back on.

Contact support by email and they will send a new bed out. To speed things up take a photo of your serial number on the bottom of your power supply as they will ask for that. Yeh I have been there…

The reason mine failed was that the main part of the lead wasnt zip tied and the back and forth motion caused the cable to get brittle and snap :frowning:

Try to solder the wire if you can and then print this part Printables

Oh nice. Ill fix it tonight but like… c’mon sovol, not that hard. Theyve offered to send a bed replacement kit which I might use for another printer im building.

Dear Cruz,
Sorry that my colleague has missed your message.
May I know did you solve the problem now? If not, could you please send us some photos and describe the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


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Good morning,
I have had the SOVOL SV06 PLUS printer for two days and I have a problem.
The engine temperature reaches a temperature of 80° measured with a laser.Moteur Y
The photo shows the assembly of a radiator which makes it possible to reach the maximum temperature of 68.7°.
Arrived at the temperature of 80° without fan the printer stops because I think that the TMC2209 driver goes into safety.
I think there is an anomaly because the belt is not tight and the slides are well greased! the tensioner pulley works fine…
Can we know if it is the Vref of the motor that needs to be changed? what is the Vref voltage for this motor 42bygh1603-a-20n.
thank you for your feedback because my SVO6 Plus stops because it is the security of the TMC2209.


April 15

Dear Cruz,
Sorry that my colleague has missed your message.
May I know did you solve the problem now? If not, could you please send us some photos and describe the problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


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I have the same issue, all steppers are constantly 75+ degrees while printing with my v06 (non plus).
I had a failure because the z stepper overheated after 18 hours of print.

Sovol Support, will you start answering instead of postponing constantly and coming back days later asking if the issue fixed itself and asking for pictures??

Tell us what vRef the motors are supposed to be using!


Support is unresponsive, I am lowering the run_current now before the thing catch fire.
Temps used to be in the 85+ before lowering, now I am around 75 while printing. Still too hot, but will lower further I guess.
It is a shame that Sovol Support is nowhere to be seen.
current settings now:

[tmc2209 stepper_x]
run_current: 0.840

[tmc2209 stepper_y]
run_current: 0.860

[tmc2209 stepper_z]
run_current: 0.730

Temps after 2 hours printing:
|Tmc2209 Stepper X||75.8°C||
|Tmc2209 Stepper Y||75.2°C||
|Tmc2209 Stepper Z||75.2°C||

Not sure I can trust the temp sensors… It is still very warm to the touch, but hopefully I will avoid printing failures due to Z stepper overheating now…

Hi Jan,
There is really nothing to show I just need to know if there is a marlin gcode command that I could put in my startup statement in Cura to shut down the fans on the right extruder when I’m only using the left Extruder on my SV04? I’ve seen a few comments on setting a temperatur coommand to 0 but that only takes care of the nozzle cooling fan but not the extruder fan. Just wondering if there is a way to tell the board to ignore the right extruder completely?

Thanks for the help.

@v1ncen7 - are you running under 120V or 240V. I am 120V and have both my SV06 and my Plus running long (multi-day) prints and none of the steppers are even more than slightly warm to the touch.


120v set the power before I started
Right now I don’t know what’s wrong with it started printing fine but had a power outage and it’s been jacked up since - I didn’t think that could hurt it says it will restart after but it seams to lost its perimeters. I took screenshots of the advanced settings the numbers seam high to me

Hi @wolver4x4, those values match mine.

Have you tried doing a reset? They call it “Initialize EEPROM” in the interface - it just resets the stored settings to the factory defaults.


Yes I did try that also
Been reading a lot and chasing rabbits (problems other people have mentioned)
When I figure it out I should know this printer pretty well I think it’s a awesome machine hopefully it’s something simple waiting on sovol email me back I don’t want to damage it it seam’s quite violent when it drags across the print

Thank you for letting me know those settings are correct.

Do you see that from the first layer, or just higher layers? Have you checked the print to see if it’s curling up at the ends/edges where the nozzle changes position? I saw that with some 4 year old FlashForge filament. I ended up bumping the nozzle temp to 210C and slowing the print to 50mm/sec to give the parts cooling fan more time to cool the current layer.

I’ve since replaced the cooling fan with a 5015 and this printed part:

SV06 5015 Fan Duct Rounded by NAM1025 | Download free STL model |

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I think I watched your video last night you had redesigned the bracket so it wouldn’t hit the arm of the machine and fit the fan better ?

I saved it on YouTube to try it later when I’m ready to upgrade it. I hate to take something that’s a week old and modify it already

The first layer seams to set great it will leave an outer line to pull off when print done it seams to move up and 2nd or 3rd layer it doesn’t seam to move up enough and the nozzle just drags and eventually pulls the Material off and drags the print with it

Could the Sovol cura program be corrupted?

It may seem odd, but I’ve never used the Sovol version of Cura. I use Lychee Slicer since I’m using both FDM and SLA printers and prefer the single UI for dealing with both.


No I see a lot of people use different programs I’m just a newbie and don’t know enough about 3D printing.
I haven’t designed anything just copy files from thingsgiving and printables. So far
Filament wise I don’t think it’s the problem both came from same place I printed a dragon and some shelf brackets In blue changed to black made one cover for the tray I was making when it went south…
The cat I started in black thing filament problem
Thank you for your help
I really appreciate you taking time to help