SV06 Thermal Runaway

Just got my SV06 in the mail 2 days ago. The benchi printed fine, so I moved on to printing something else, after 3 hours I got a thermal run away error, and now I cannot heat my bed without the printer halting due to the heat bed. What’s the deal?

Is a connector loose?
maybe in the electronics box?
All plugs should be there.
Only endstop plugs x y z are still free.
Or is a cable broken?

ok looks like there is a red wire that is not connected to anything under the bed. I looks like a poor solder job… The questions is… do I try and solder this connected (this is not a thing i have really done before) or do I request a replacement? this thing has been plugged in for less than 24 hours

As long as you can see the logical connection point, soldering will be your quickest fix. However, if you’re okay waiting, then contact Sovol and request a replacement.

i would recommend you to take a picture and send it to sovol. just to be sure.
Ask them if you should try to solder it and that you are not sure how to do it correctly or if there is any other possibility - maybe they have some instructions for you how to do it properly

I’m all about DIY, but my soldering skills are non-existent, even though I have a decent soldering iron. I would contact Sovol and ask them for a replacement. There’s a lot of power going to the bed, be very careful!!

This is becomming a common issue on the sv06.