SV 06 heat bed causes error

My SV 06 out of nowhere shows this error when i try to heat the bed. I checked all conenctions regarding wiring but i can´t find any lose cable or such. Any ideas?

hi @eschbow This might be caused by the corrupted connection wire. To test the wiring status, pls exchange the heating wire and thermistor connector of the hotbed on the main board to the position of nozzle’s.

And then set the nozzle temp to 60 on the display and check if the hotbed is heating up to around 60. If the hotbed could be normally heated up, the heating wire and thermistor connector on the mainboard might be corrupted. If the hotbed would not heat up after you swap the wires, the hotbed is corrupted. In this case, please contact the CS at for assistance.

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Thx for your reply.

I did the “mod” as you discribed and the bed indeed stays cold and a few seconds after the error message shows up. So the wiring seems to be broken. Still waiting for the support to reply

They’ll respond in 24-48 hrs, if you don’t receive a reply after this time range, pls send it again or PM on Facebook with your order id and notes explicating that you are from the forum, because we occasionally come across the issue that the message being blocked by the system. Thank you!

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Yeah the 48h hours are basically over by now but i didn’t want to bother the Support again via mail since the automatic respond said, that they have some work left because of your new years. Facebook is not an option for me, i don’t have an account there anymore.

Sorry to know that, in this case, could you pls message me on this forum with your order id and email address so that I could forward your information to my colleague and we’ll get you a response ASAP.

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Order id would be
ORDER #26279

Email ist

Much appreciated

Thank you for the info, I just forwarded it to the CS team. They’ll get in touch with your shortly.

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Much appreciated, mate.

Have a good day.

Unfortunetely your CS team is quiet again. A real bumper since i was REALLY excited using my first 3d printer but now it is basically a huge brick. Either way, i appreciate your effort.

Hi, any news on this topic? I have the same error since two days. No reaction so far…

CS Team contacted me via DM and said, the replacement is in the mail. We will see.

Hi @koboldt could you message me your order number and the email address that was used to place the order to help us rule out what’s going wrong here? Thanks in advance.

BTY, you could either message me in this thread or pm me by clicking on the avatar of @sovol3d and find the “Message”.

I am having the same issue where my bed won’t heat up. I performed the troubleshooting above and found that the black wire under the bed is chewed up, likely from the bed moving.

I contacted support but no response.

My order number is #28640
Email is

Support responded delayed in my case but i got a replacement afterall. But i replaced the bed with an after market one. Are you located in germany? I could give you the link then.

No I’m in the States. I think all I need I the wire assembly and I can solder the part under the bed myself. I just don’t know where to buy the specific cord combo and I don’t have the tools to crimp the pins.

I’ve had exactly the same problem - tried the same trouble-shooting steps (switching the nozzle and bed cables at the motherboard) and still get the same error.
I put it back and confirmed with a multimeter that the motherboard provides 24V to the bed heater when I ask it to heat, and the thermistors are both reading about room temperature so they seem to be working. So I guess it must be the cable or the bed itself.
I sent an email to the info@ email address above - hopefully they can ship me a replacement. I ordered the SV06 through Amazon, if that’s relevant.

Hi, i am from germany and interested in your after market solution :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Bitteschön :slight_smile:

have you fixed it yet? I have the same problem and I think its the cable because when I wiggle it it causes the error.