SV06 bed heater not working

I’ve had my SV06 for a couple of days and it has been working fine. Today I tried the auto bed level and that worked fine too. About 3 minutes after the bed level was completed I got an error message bed temp run away, reset. (or something to that effect) After that the bed will not heat.

So, I got out my multimeter and discovered that there is no continuity in the red + wire going from the controller to the bed. I see no evidence of melting or a fusible link in that line. There is 24 volts coming from the controller to the bed so the problem seems to be limited to that one wire.


After further investigation the red wire is broken. I’ve filed a warranty request so we will see how that goes.

I just received mine and after about 2 minutes I noticed the bed wasn’t heating. This is the exact same problem. I tested with a jumper wire and it works. The red wire is broken somewhere along the line. Did it ever get fixed?