SV06 - Bed Heating Error

My SV06 is a few months old and now it will not heat the bed, it shows “???” were the current bed temp should be.

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Hi @salsa Sorry to read about the matter. Hope the suggestions from engineer might help you resolve the issue.

  1. Unplug the thermistor from the heated bed and see what temperature is displayed.
  2. Swap the thermistors between the nozzle and the heated bed and see what is displayed.

If the value displayed is abnormal, could you pls add a pic for further lookup? Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi @sovol3d, I have a similar issue. This is what the temperature display shows:

I swapped the nozzle and bed thermistor wires and the “err” is shown under nozzle temp instead.

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Hi i have the same issue… what did you do?

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I have the same error… what should i do now?

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I have the same issue after two months of use. Send an email to Sovol Team to fix the problem.

Has anyone been able to resolve this issue. I have a new printer that is less than a week old this happened to.

First, try what @wahhaj did. If your result is the same, then the thermistor is gone. Not funny with a new machine, but not worth flying to China and grab some Sovol techies (which sometimes looks like the only way to get any reaction from them).
Thermistors are easily replaced, and they are dirt cheap. The ones (1) used for standard creality printers work fine.


I have been plagued by this problem before. Sovol very kindly sorted it out for me by sending out a new Bed. However, when it happened again, they completely ignored me even though I only wanted some advice. I managed to fix the issue by purchasing a new Thermistor and wiring back to the control board. This after many attempts fixed the Err message but now it is not printing (Ithink) due to a partially block something, 4 new nozzles tried but still issues. If anyone has any advice with printing that starts OK but fails after 10minutes or so then I would be grateful.

I just got the same error display under the print bed on the screen. Had the Sovol 06 since December 22 2023, not even a whole month. What can I do to fix this, or do I need to replace wiring or the hot bed itself?

same issue here, swapped the cable and err message swaps from bed to hot end. my printer is a month old, can anyone please tell me what to do?

La mia también tiene 1 mes,y me dio error 01 le cambio cables y me dice error de la cama …el caso es…q la cama no detecta q se está calentando,y le cambien el sensor ntc por uno nuevo,y ni aún así,he pedido cama nueva a sovol,y les reporte el problema haber q dicen…

Hello guys, i had the same problem "ERR TEMP HALTED, i read all over the messages about this problem at the forum, and i tested the thermistor by swiching the heat bed conection with the nozzle at the board, and the error switched to the nozzle… so the problem must be at the heat bed thermistor, right??? (5 months used SV06 printer) someone could help me to change it? THX