Bed temperature error

Hey everyone

I have the following problem with my new Sovol SV06.
It printed fine for like 30 days but then it stopped to show the current temperature of the bed. In its place there is only err. If i try to start a print or preheat the bed it shows a error message: ‘ERR: MINTEMP: Bed PRINT HALTED PLEASE RESET’

I checked the cables and the soldering on the bed and it looks okey to me.

After that i checked the motherboard for loose cables also nothing. Finally i swapped the termistor cable of the nozzle with the termistor cable of the bed. Same Err message but now for the nozzle. My best guess is that the thermistor of the bed is defective but i can’t verify that since i don’t have a multimeter at hand. It is rather frustrating to have such a problem after only 30 day of use.

Would it be possible to send in the defective bed and get a replacement part?

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I’m having the same exact issue and I have seen a few other posts saying the same thing. If I had to guess, they have a bad batch from their manufacturing process. I have reached out to Customer Support and suggest the same. Otherwise I will try to keep others informed of what happens with Customer Support.

@sovol3d , maybe this is something that you could give guidance on or can make a post about to help with basic troubleshooting and next steps?

Iv’e got the same problem.
Contacted costumer support about it.
After a quick soldering the bed heats up but now the prints won’t stick anymore.
I’ll keep trying all the advise i get here until i get it to work again.
Gues it’s a learning curve :rofl:

I have the same problem. I found that sometimes if I wiggle the cable at the back of the bed it fixes but it always happens again and today I tried to fix it with a wiggle and it still did not work.

Update to the Problem:

I e-maild the support of sovol.
They need the serial number of your printer.
To speed things up have it ready, if some of you with a simular problem decide to file in a report too.
(you find it on the underside of the powersupply)
After that they wrote back they would send me a new hotbed to replace the defective one.

I will update here when i recive the new part.

Did you solve the problem? How?

Did you solve the problem? Howw?

Hi I have the same problem; did you find a solution? I have E-mailed Sovol but have had not reply.

Did you solve the problem? How?

If wiggling the cable results in working sometimes, not others, it is almost certainly a bad thermistor. The wires are thin, the thermistor itself is high resistance (about 100,000 ohms default), and so if the wires are not rock solid that 100,000 can start to look like 500,000 or more. It’s not my printer, but if it was, I’d either:

  1. go to home depot, lowes, or harbor freight (or equivalent) and buy a $10 USD ohmmeter, or else I’d just replace the thermistor and then be very careful the wiring is not twisted or kinked.

Same problem here it is so annoying

You may of already heard this. Try isopropyl alcohol 99% proof, and wipe your bed with a towel. DO NOT USE TISSUES. They will contaminate your bed worse.