Sovol sv06 error mintemp bed

A couple of mins into the print it says err mintemp bed but then when i turn the bed on without printing it and set it to 60 it still just stays heated for hours on end

Not sure, but maybe a problem with your power supply if you can’t maintain both bed and nozzle temperature.

I had the same error and it got worse over time. In the beginning it would last hours but after awhile it would fail within minutes. There’s likely an intermittent short in the thermocouple requiring a replacement of the hot plate.

When the error appears, swap the thermocouple connections at the motherboard and see if the error follows.

Support should be able to assist. I was within a year when mine failed and got a warranty replacement pretty quickly.

I have been trying to ask sovol support multiple times but they never respond

@sovol3d can you please help me

Response may have been slower when you originally posted this due to Chinese New Year.

Here’s the steps they gave me:

  1. Do not place the printer in places with large temperature fluctuations such as windows, air conditioners, and fans. Rapid changes in the temperature around the printer may cause temperature alarms.

  2. Please check the wire of the heating bed, the socket and the wire must be tightly connected, and the wire must be intact.

Check the welding position of the heating bed wire, the wire must be welded firmly (refer to picture 1).

  1. Please turn on the power again, and observe the change of the temperature value of the hot bed on the display screen.

a. If the temperature value of the heating bed on the display is consistent with the current temperature, it may be an accidental phenomenon caused by the rapid change of the surrounding temperature of the printer, and you can re-print the test.

b. If the temperature value of the heated bed on the display is “err” , it means that the thermistor may be damaged. Please continue to check according to point 4.

  1. Please carry out the nozzle on the motherboard and the hot bed thermistor wire exchange test (refer to the picture 2).

a. After the exchange, if the the hot bed shows normal temperature, there is the motherboard damaged. We will send the new motherboard for as a replacement.

b. After exchange, if the hot bed shows err, there is the hot bed damaged. We will send the new hot bed for as a replacement.

Thank you will try :slight_smile:

One thing it sometimes shows err for the temp other times it doesent and shuts down