SV06 Heating failed

Earlier this morning I had a Heating Failed: Bed error message. Now I have a Heating Failed: e1 error message.

I was able to open up the control box and reseat the hotbed wires which resolved the heating failed bed problem. I was trying to swap them with the nozzle wires, but the heat bed wires weren’t long enough so that wasn’t going to work. I have quite large hands, so I couldn’t even get to the thermistor ports. As I mentioned - reseating the hotbed wires cleared that error. I was able to print a benchy. When I went to print a calibration cube I am getting a second error, heating failed e1.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this error?

Proly your bed died.

contact CS (amazonus sovol may be more responsive than the main, ymmv

theyll want order#, some pics, and theyll send a new bed.

You may, be able to repair it with creality bed thermistors.
I got it to function on the bench, but not fully assembled. a new bed appeared in my mailbox and I never resolved why