Sv06 failure

Check your settings and maybe take out of cura and put it back in new again because maybe you hit something in the settings and that’s the best way to see

That cat looks like it was printed with the nozzle too far from the bed surface. You might want to run through the leveling and nozzle height setting steps again. Also, what brand of filament are you using and what are your temperature settings for the nozzle and the bed?

Hell the pic. Is not even as good on the black cat… lol

Do you have a link to the cat face? I have some time and I’d like to take a peek at the STL and try on my SV06.

I have ran bed leveling and check the nozzle height multiple times
I find it odd the bed and nozzle distance keeps changing - I’ve checked every bolt on it to make sure nothings loose.
I’ve done the up run and down set nozzle height saved went to level when it stops the heights changed set again saved run a home check comes out good
I’ve thought about flashing the firmware but am waiting on Sovol to reply what I should do.

I use to run a hayseen packaging machine had to deal with film and heat. Have a little knowledge of melting and sticking to play with that

I brought the temp of the filament up to 205 and it seams to leave a string out of the nozzle at that temp
By the print speed on the box I used touch screen to slow speed from 100 to 90 but didn’t see any difference not sure if that is in the card file and can be slowed on the screen while printing

Filament is luftzeuge had 4.5 stars great reviews

Interesting that the black cat is much cleaner than the blue. I’ve never printed with that brand, but the eSun is very similar in suggested printing temps.

I started with eSun on the recommendation of a friend with loads of experience but have now shifted to IIID Max filaments both for pricing and availability. I’m getting very good consistency with the IIID Max spools and they offer ABS, TPU, PLA+, and PETG for very good prices.

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Make sure your nozzle is tight! I had that issue once and the filament was slowly unscrewing the nozzle and filling the void created. Was a huge mess to clean up.

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I’ve had 3 print good with a little drag on final face 2 white one blue came out fine to me

Yes seen a video on that and checked it out already
Thank you good advise

I am in Europe, 220V only.
But note I am also using Klipper/Mainsail… so maybe there is a config issue there.
I did reset the EEProm earlier after flashing klipper. Anyway now with the reduced voltages it seems to be better.

Where do you get that IIID filament? I’ve been buying semi random spools, looking for a favorite brand.

I really love their PLA+. Just getting started on some ABS work for a project, so that will be a new learning experience. You can really save with their bundle (3, 6, 10 spool) deals. If you’re in the Continental USA, you should see the package 2 days after you order.

BTW - no other relationship beside being a very happy customer.


hey Tim did you try printing the cat

Yes - Printed one in Blue PLA+ and one in Silk PLA. Both came out great. Both at 195ºC nozzle and 60ºC bed, 0.4mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer, and 100% fan.

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SV04 hot end Marlin command for Cura

There isn’t one. The two hot end fans are connected to ALWAYS ON ports on the motherboard. I have to blame Creality for this as they made the motherboard that way. The fans actually connect straight to power through the motherboard, there is no mosfet connected to turn the power off. My other two Tevo printers turns the hot end fan on only when the hot end temperature is 50 degrees C or higher.


Hi Tim
I went through my computer updating the drivers got a new malware virus program that all checked out good. I removed and installed cura again. Tan a test print first layer goes on great by 3rd time around grabbing the part and dragged it off the plate. A little more thinking recheck head space rein level recheck head space the distance between the nozzle and bed keep changing. I trade another test print and watch the head unit the red light is never on the sensor. I think the laser distance has gone out.
I guess my question is the light supposed to flash when it’s printing?

Have another question did you change something on the program the outer lines it put down are attached to my cat

Yes - for the bed adhesion use Skirt, 3 lines, 4mm offset.

Myself, I use mostly Ziro for PLA, Sunlu & Ziro for PETG, SainSmart for TPU & Flashforge for ASA.
So, 90% of my filament is Ziro…I have maybe 25 spools.

I’ve just ordered in some of the IIID Max PETG-CF for some parts I’m prototyping. So far, everything that I’ve run from IIID Max has been excellent. I have switched out both of my printers’ nozzles to the hardened steel and upped my usual printing temps by 5C, but still having success on both the SV06 with Marlin and the SV06 Plus with Klipper.