Sudden first layer issues

I have had the SV06 since Feb and it has worked perfectly until recently. The first layer goes down fine on one side of the bed, then the filament either starts to curl behind the nozzle or doesn’t stick as it goes along the rest of the bed.

I have tried multiple Z alignments, adjust Z offset and bed leveling.
I have updated firmware and made sure the bed mesh is being loaded.

I did notice during the first layer, the left z motor is clearly moving to adjust according to the mesh. And the right Z motor does not move as noticeably as the left motor. The Z motors look to move fine during regular Z axis moves.

I lubricated the Z rods, lead screws, made sure the Z couplers were tight.

I even swapped the Z motors to opposite sides to determine if it was the motor, but nothing changed.

I have been stumped on this issue for the past week and wondering if I am overlooking something. I have not seen anyone else with the same issue.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

it might help to do a all steps re align of the x to the bed starting with the align with the top, (save settings (on the printer)),then re calibrate the nozzle offset (might have worn from printing), (save settings (on the printer)),then do a bed mesh level and (save settings (on the printer)) then do another print of theprint that is failing

I don’t know what filament your using, but curling behind the nozzle sounds like your nozzle is shot.
I’d replace it & try again.