Sv06 failing at 1" height

My sv06 fails if i print anything over an inch high. It prints perfect till that 1 " layer then fails

Pls help

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Define “Fail.”

Did the print come free of the platform? (Usually causes spaghettification)

  • check your first layer/Z offset. Start with the paper spacing, end with a live Z tune.

Did the extruder stop doing it’s thing? (Clog, blob, stopped)

  • Make sure your nozzle has been tightened with the head preheated.
  • Make sure that your filament is not tangled.
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At about 1 inch in height. The nozzle starts scraping against the item knocking it over or moving it aside. Its perfect below 1 inch

There is no “first layer /z offset” in sovol 3d settings. I see initial layer horizontal expansion, or infill x offset. Can u be specific what setting to change. My paper is set to barely scratch. It must be something about the z offset not raising enough per layer? So the higher i go it eventually fails… should i do the paper thing and open it up so it barely scrathes? Well it allready barely scratches but maybee more? Help

Ok layer height is .15 and initial layer height is .3. I just changed it to .4. Should i change the .15?

Same thing again

HELP sovol. Fix my sv06 and sell me a sv01pro extruder…ive been waiting for a month since you said you would check the wharehouse for a sv01pro extruder…help

It is probably a bed leveling issue. Getting the first layer correct is very important.

Make sure you do z alignment calibration before you do bed leveling.