PLA+ Settings

I am completely new to 3D printing.
My current settings are:

Layer Height: 0.2mm
Infill Density: 20%
Infill Pattern: Lines
Printing Temperature: 220 °C (The eSun PLA+ states 210-230 °C)
Speed 50 mm/s
Fan Speed: 100%
Build Plate Adhesion Type: None

Whenever i print stuff, the very bottom layer is coming off easily.
Anything printed on top of the first Layers is turning out great.

What do i need to do, to make the foundation layers not fall apart?
When doing the paper thingy, i make it scrape the paper gently,
not making it hard to pull the paper - is that correct?

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Layer Height: 0.2mm → ok
Infill Density: 20% → it depends the model, 15% could be enough
Infill Pattern: Lines → it depends solidity and geometry of the model. Lines is standard
—> Printing Temperature: 220 °C (The eSun PLA+ states 210-230 °C) → too much, try 200 or 195°
—> Bed temperature 60°
Speed 50 mm/s → ok
Fan Speed: 100% → ok
—> Build Plate Adhesion Type: none → try brim



Initial Layer Height: 3

PEI sheet needs a little more squish.

EDIT: Added screenshot.

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Thank you guys, i will take those into account with my next print!
Really appreciated, thank you so much! <3

My initial layer height is 0.3, is that the height you are suggesting?

Added screenshot to above post.

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Stock Settings

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OK, Then your Z-Offset is probably a little too high.

Read this, setup for the SV06 is the same for the Plus.
Read the post right above mine, so you understand what I posted.

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dunno how it can be too high, like i put it in a way where the paper can be moved without a lot of friction.
like it only fits a paper and does not cling strongly onto it, but firmly. dunno how to explain.

edit, everything i print is perfekt, only the very first bottom layer is a little more loose, when i examine it.
i can fix it with a lighter, but i think its not supposed be be like that.

It’s probably just 1 or 2 clicks.

Filament will stick to filament, it sounds like a 1st layer issue to me.

It’s up to you…it’s JMO.

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i appreciate any comment from everyone of you. thank you! <3

This is my go to first layer print if you want to test it out.

Print the 75x75 (1st File)

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that is very useful for figuring out the issue, thank you! i will use this print for testing!

dunno what prusa even means, but can this just be put into my sd and printed?

Not he Gcode, the STL file under the Model Files.

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Good that i asked haha. Thanks once again.

Little question :
After leveling with a sheet of paper, have you autoleveled the printer?

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My steps, whenever i boot up the printer.
First sentence is like: if Z Offset aint 0, then make it.

I don’t understand why you don’t use the autoleveling.
It make an auto-home, auto z align, autoleveling.
You just have to store the settings when finished.

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That is what I did first and it ran my printer needle deep into the floor, so i rather do it this way - as this prevented it from happening ever again.

Edit: this forum does not allow me any more comments for this day. i have to wait 19 hours.