SVO4 PLA filament not adhering to stock bed

Hello All!
I am new to 3D printing and am very excited to help my 12 yr old son with his new SV04 printer. We have been struggling to get it to print which as been very frustrating and time consuming.

The current problem we have is that the PLA filament that we purchased does not stick to the bed and then we have to stop the print and tinker with settings etc. I have read many posts in this forum and many have been very helpful and useful due to similar problems.

One question I have that I have not found any response on is what is the allowable tolerance for bed leveling? What is good enough? The largest variance I have at any of the 16 points is 0.240mm. Is that within tolerance or does it need to be tighter than this?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments that I can try? So far I have slowed the print speed to 50, increased the bed temperature to 70C, adjusted Z offset up and down.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you

Hello BrianS,
lowering first layer speed (in Cura: initial layer speed) to 20 mm/s might help. Checking that the nozzle temperature matches the filament recommended printing temperature might help, too.
Judging from your picture it seems that there is too much space between nozzle & print bed. So you may want to try to increase your printers Z-offset stepwise by 0.05mm & print out a level test (e.g. link “Bed_level_test.stl” from the SD-card) until the first layer grip is sufficient. Be sure to save the Z-offset & stop before the nozzle is scratching the print bed surface…

Thank you so much for the suggestion Bjoern! Where is the level test located on the SD card that came with the printer?
I will try to lower the speed to 20 for the first layer as you suggested.
What do you suggest for nozzle temp for PLA? I am using 200C.
Thank you!

The bedlevel test file is located in the subfolder named “4. Model”. This is the link to the SD-Card content:
Usually the filament manufacturer includes basic information about his filament. 200°C should work for a bed level test. My recommendation is to print a temperature tower iot find out the optimal temperature for your filament. Some temperature towers could be found here:

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Thank for the information I will check out the files.
What are your thoughts on treatment of the build plate? I’ve heard cleaning it with acetone or alcohol. Also I have heard using blue painters tape, glue sticks. Do you feel any of that is necessary?

Also, I did receive a response back from Sovol and the recommended that less than 0.3mm is typically the tolerance for flatness of the bed.

I will try some of these suggestions that you provided in the coming days when I have time and let you know how it goes.

Thank you!