Levelling Issue - Gap in the center

I’m having an issue levelling the SV04. After setting the Z axis for the center of the bed and levelling the 4 corners, the nozzle in the center was about 0.2mm above the bed after levelling the corners. If I lower the Z-axis it will make the 4 corners too high. The center of the bed still remains about 0.2mm too low even after pressing the Measuring button to do the auto-levelling. I press save after doing the Z-axis adjustment and also after Measuring. I have tried several times to print 0.2mm calibration squares that are at all 4 corners and in the center. The center square never sticks to the bed. How do I fix this?

Also after levelling sometimes I receive an Auto-Home failed! message. How do I fix this. Seems like either the printer is defective or the firmware needs a serious update if other people are experiencing the same thing.

Did you follow the leveling steps shown in the tutorial?

Is the firmware shown in the “printer info” menu V1.1.0?

Yes multiple times. I received the auto-home failed error after measuring as well. one of the major problems with following the video is it asks you to rotate all 4 knobs counterclockwise and then 1-2 turns clockwise. This cause the Z-axis motors to hit their limit every time and I could not continue with the video due to this error. The thing that allowed me to continue with the video is I adjusted all 4 knobs so they were in the middle of the screws. Then the Z-axis motors would not have problems and start “clicking” because they were at their limits.

The video needs to be CHANGED so that other people are not getting this issue!

I am doing some quality / test prints. Every time after the print is done and I touch “Finish Print” on the screen, the main extruder on the left is already to the right, it goes right more, hits the right extruder, and then goes to it’s “home” position on the left.

How can I fix this?

I had the same issue at first. The problem is they set the bed too low at the factory and there simply isnt enough vertical adjustment built in. I had a hell of a time adjustng the Z level out of the box. I found that there are some things you can do about this though.

#1. I read about adding spacers to raise the bed and bring the Z azis closer to a nominal offset. I modeled and printed (3) 4mm thick x 16mm OD x 4.5mm ID spacers and (1) 2mm thick x16mm X 4.5mm spacer (for the left rear corner where the heating connection mount is located.) I added the spacers between the springs and the bed flange. It really helped bring my bed back into adjustment. I went from a 3.5mm Z offset to less than 1mm.

#2. After adding the spacers, the auto level will actually work now. If you do add them, go back through the leveling process. After you do the corner adjustment, you’ll need to go back and redo the Z offset because it will be too high/low. Don’t worry about doing the corners again. Move to your 16 point measure. The auto level will make up for any discrepancies automatically. At least that’s been my experience. I’ve printed quite a few fairly large items (2+ day print time). When I’m printing, I typically level the Z axis every 2-3 prints but I have not bothered doing the 4 point auxiliary corner offset again. After you read #3 you’ll understand why.

#3. Specifically leveling the corners, the 16 point measure will give you their offsets. Try adjusting the corners using this method. Start by doing Z axis offset then do a 16 point measure. Adjust the corner screws based on those numbers, trying to get each corner as close to 0.00 as possible, or at least closer to the measurements towards the middle of the plate. Then do another 16 point measure and adjust the corners again. Then again.

I went through this process probably 6 times, until I finally got the bed level. That really worked better for me than doing the 4 corner auxiliary offset, which always seemed to clash with the Z axis offset. Like I said, the auto level will adjust automatically and helps give you a flatter first layer.

I was ready to send the printer back before I went through the steps above. Since then, I have been able to successfully print a huge Saturn V rocket model, numerous large planters, a few big dungeon chests, and some utility prints for things around the house. I have no more issues with the bed height or Z offset. Just remember you’ll need to stay on top of the Z axis offset. It doesn’t hurt to toss in a 16 point measure every now and then either. Good luck.

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I had same issue, This is what I did. I tightened all the bed screws, Then set Z back 0. Then redid the 4 screw leveling. (If the screws are loose you will need to add some washers to raise the bed but dont think you will need to) I did not do the center just the four corners. Once I was happy with what I had then did my Z offset in the centre and saved. Did bed level and saved. In my printer start gcode replaced G28 with G34 followed by G29. If your still having issues get in contact with the support team, there pretty quick to help.

Ok thanks! I had read somewhere else that you didn’t have to change the Gcode but I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve had horrible response times from Sovol. I emailed them at info@sovol3d.com as well over a week ago and not a single response. What’s the best way that you have found to get decent support?

Usually the community is the best, we are the ones going through the issues and trying to fix annoying things which halt the printing fun. Stick it out though, SV04 once setup is a great Idex printer. I’m loving mine, havent done much in dual color yet but the copy mode damn awesome.

I am sorry, I wonder if the email is filed as spam that the customer service miss it? Could you please resend the email to sale@sovol3d.com and also send a private message to sovol on Facebook to check it?

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I will forward this feedback to the engineers and let you know their response

This issue is SOLVED, partially by sending the old printer back and getting a new one AND changing the levelling procedure. The center of the bed on the new printer is still lower than the corners but a lot less than the previous printer.

I followed this procedure, partially taken from spolwort:

  • Auto Z Align and Save
  • Level the 4 corners w/ paper
  • Perform “Measuring” / Auto level w/ the 4 x 4 grid (16 points) and Save
  • Using the 4 corners measurements from the previous step, adjust the 4 corners so they are on the same plane within reason. Re-“Measure” and Save. Repeat as necessary.
  • Print a one layer high model that tests all 16 corners. As the print is created if all 4 corners are high or low, adjust the Z axis on the fly using the screen adjustments and Save. If 1-3 corners are high or low, adjust these corners. Repeat until all 4 corners are at a reasonable height and the rest of the calibration model looks good as well.

I created a 4 x 4 grid (16 points) calibration model and used that to test the levelling. I would post it here but those file types are not allowed so I’m posting a photo of what it looked like after printing. Anyone can create a similar model.

@spolwort - Thanks for all your suggestions!

@monjen - I replaced G28 with G34 followed by G29 as you suggested and unfortunately most of the first layer did not stick so I revered back. I read here that the “Starting G-code” where it states G29 should be replaced with M420 S1 so that it will use your last-saved matrix in the EEPROM. Turns out the Cura slicer had automatically put in the M420 code so I didn’t have to worry about it.

@MayYoung - I checked my junk mail folders and never received a response. Next time I will try the email address you suggested. Is sale@sovol3d.com, info@sovol3d.com, the facebook group, or this forum the FASTEST way to get support???

Hey Mike I am just now seeing your message and I am on here because I am having the exact same issue. No matter what I do I cannot level the bed. Verbatim to what you said above. I had heard to get a hammer and smash the bl touch knock off and buy a crtouch and it will fix the issue. Were able to troubleshoot this and fix your issue? Thanks.

Nevermind you solved it. Turns out sovol sent me the printer you sent back.

I have the same issue of center too low. I plan to do much of the advise here.

Ive had some progress by imagining the corners and center as a vally or bowl but you can only effect the corners. So therefore lower the rim or mountains in corners until they level out to the middle valley. Then run z align. Then do corners again and gotten the height difference to only 0.05 which is a thin sheet of paper so im getting closer. Middle calibration still wont stick but getting closer.

Really wish you could dirrectly adjust the center instead of indirectly

I am having a terrible time levelling my printer. The first layer varies from .15mm to .4mm. That is with a .3mm first layer height and 150% line width.
My printer came with the CRtouch leveller. It acts like it is doing what it should but the result is pretty bad practically.
I have laboured to make my printer perfectly square and even have braces to make sure it stays that way.


im having same problem related above… zz
what i did and testing now… i think this fixed…

  1. i used same procedure like manual/video shows…
  2. after that i put to print a bed leviling and adjust manually lowering and touch on printed filament…

now im printing in copy mode to test… still ok until now.

the question is…
in left extruder its ok…
in right extruder center bed is ok and point 3 and 4 are so tighten… wtf…
so why this have auto bed leviling if this dont work for both sides? zz

i will post here when i finish the test.



copy mode worked perfect… i will test more times…



its fail again…
if i trim in middle… on bottom/top left/right is too tighten…
if i trim in bottom/top left/right the middle is too loosen…

i dont know more what i can do.


I had similar issues. What I did was pull the build plate off (it’s magnetic) and placed a piece of paper on the center of the bed mechanism, then put the build plate back on. What that did was raise the center of the build plate up about 0.1mm relative to the edges of the plate and I was able to then level the bed adequately.

You may need more that one piece of paper, depending on how dished the bed is. Oh, and I switched to a PEI build plate. The plate I used is actually for a Creality Ender 10, as it has the same bed dimensions as the SV04.

I was thinking about… But I have problema with all parts…
Mid is more low… Around 0.4mm…(bl vale onscreen), but all corner have diferente values… When I adjust to near zero … Measuring show me tons of diferente values… In 4x4 grid … All corner near zero… But between corners are so much difference…

The machine need apply bed mesh on-The-fly to adjust z and give me a correct print… I dont need adjusting every point to try fix The problem…

And noone answered me … Tried info@sovol… More than 8 days without answer…
I openned a dispute on ali requesting refound… Só after this they send to dispute a diferent email…
I Sent now to there… Lets see IF they Will solve this.