Bed leveling and printing not centered

I’m a new sv06 user. When I launch the automatic bed leveling it seems that sv06 doesn’t start at the corner but instead 4 or 5 cm after (Y axis). This means that when it reaches the last two leveling lines (for the 25 leveling points) it tries to move bed after its limits making noises and of course with a nonsense leveling.
Also the print is not centered as it is positioned after the center.
Is there a way to center the bed?


The extruder has lost track of where it is. Start with the Auto Z Align, then Auto Home Probe Z Offset (store settings), then try Level Bed.
You have to periodically recalibrate so the machine knows where ‘home’ is. All it ever really does is count steps from the left side and back after it ‘bumps’ into them.
Also, if the extruder gets moved manually, it can lose track of where it’s at.