Extruder isnt in center of bed

Noticed when I started the machine leveling measurements were being takes of the bed more to the left half. When bed leveling it would go to the left corners of the bed but be and 3 inches from the corners on the right side. Homing puts the extruder center of Y but about 3 inches to the left on X. How can I recenter this if possible. Very new to the 3D printer world. Thanks!

It’s the Bed Sensor that is being placed in the middle of the probing spots and not the nozzle…this gives the appearance that the Extruder is out of alignment during probing tests-. (but it’s not)

When you start to print a XYZ-Cube is it in the center of the bed ?
If it is , everything is working fine

All the Best

Yes that’s exactly was it was. Thanks!