Are there end stops (switches) installed in SV07? Homing and Bed leveling not working.. How to check the function?

Hi @ all, I hope someone can can help …

I ask this, because is seems as printer wont find the real middle position. After Homing it shows x=83 and y=130 on the display. If I continue with bed mesh leveling the Blue Sensor moves out of bed and Nozzle will be tilted until it crashes. End stops are alway shown as open.

Here is the according Log:

probe: open




No trigger on probe after full movement


probe at 133.250,32.000 is z=1.532500


probe at 83.500,32.000 is z=1.565000


probe at 33.750,32.000 is z=1.607500


probe at -16.000,32.000 is z=1.842500

Thanks in advance

BTW: factory reset was already done, no improvment seen…

Try adjusting your eccentric nuts. The homing is done by detecting the stepper motor spiking in power usage when the bed or extruder hit the end of their travel. I’m going to guess your extruder and bed aren’t moving freely enough for this to work properly, and it’s because your eccentric nuts aren’t turned correctly. When turning the eccentric nuts, be careful and do it in small increments, and then manually move the bed/extruder while the printer is off to feel how smoothly it moves. If it gets worse, turn it in the other direction. There should probably be a significant difference if it is so bad that the homing won’t work. Good luck!

This is interesting information . . . I am having the same problem. After hours of frustration and annoyance, I think I might be getting closer to a solution.

When I “Home All,” the print head does not go to the middle of the bed. (I actually mean the nozzle, not the appearance of the print head.) And when I try to do a Z-Tilt configuration, the print head moves off the right edge and gives me an error “No trigger on probe after full motion.”

The information: “The homing is done by detecting the stepper motor spiking in power usage when the bed or extruder hit the end of their travel” is interesting.

I’d like to know more about that – as well as if it is possible to save a different X-offset or reset the Home ALL coordinates.

Hi, I did it, but without success. I am sure, you are right with your explanation of finding zero points by power peaks in case of collision very left and front. But why uses the printer 83 & 130 for the middle instead of 110/110? I could see that the printer reached the zero point, it was visible clearly and also the sound of the collision was present. So Zero/Zero was found…