SV07 Can't Create Bed Mesh -- No Trigger on probe after full movement

Got a brand new SV07 recenlty (not the plus). I’ve followed the directions exactly, including:

  • Turn the bed leveling screws entirely until they’re fully tightened, then back off two full rotations.
  • Run the z calibration, and use a sheet of paper to lower the nozzle until it’s slightly dragging the piece of paper, but not holding on to it
  • Use the bed leveling function to repeat the process for each corner, then run “screws adjust” and adjust it until it’s level
  • Under “Bed Mesh”, select “Calibrate”.

The last part above is where it fully fails. It crashes hard into the bed at the bottom right of the bed, and that is straight out of the box.

Things I’ve checked:
The extruder is not loose. The belts are not loose. The eccentric nuts on the machine are not too loose.

Is it normal for such a basic function to be fully broken on a brand new printer? I’ve been able to get a handful of “ok-ish” prints off of this without a bed mesh, but for more complex and larger prints I’m running into issues ensuring everything adheres properly to the bed and is actually level.

My only other observation is after selecting “Home All”, the extruder correctly goes to the center of the bed. When I select the “Z tilt” option under machine leveling, it also fails to trigger the probe at the right side of the bed.

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This is pretty common for the SV07 I had similar issues,
It’s worthwhile to go on Printables and search Christian Vick’s printer additions and add them to the SV07. It adds a lot of more functionality and will give you a proper bed mesh.

Ditch the springs for rubber mounts for $6 you can get rubber spacers off Amazon.

That and use OrcaSlicer with the same additions and set the print area.

Follow the instructions included.

I have not looked closely at the SV07. I have an SV06+ and it has no springs and such. We did add a better nozzle cooler and had to replace the extrusion fan, both are running 5015 fans now, plus upgraded the PS to a 600w.

Do you have pictures of your fan mountings ?

SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 Pro Layer Fan Upgrade Kit - TH3D Studio LLC

TH3D 5015 High Speed Blower Fan V2 (12V) - Dual Ball Bearing - TH3D Studio LLC

I’m having the same problem. Trying to find some answers via the Facebook Sovol SV07 users group.

I can’t do a manual Z-calibration either. The initial recommendation is to check parameters in the printer.cfg file.

I learned that, if the Sovol is connected to your network SSID successfully, you can type in the IP address of the printer in your browser, and you will have access to multiple configuration features on your Sovol via fluidd.

I watched this YouTube video on Sovol SV07 calibration, but the parameters mentioned at 3:30 don’t seem to appear in my printer.cfg file, so that makes me wonder what else I might be missing.