Bed Mesh Inaccurates? Able to Increase Samples

I recently got my SV07 Plus and It’s been a ride trying to dial this thing it. I tried to use the solid mounts but I found that the bed mesh detection wasn’t able to level out the bed. I tried heating it up to 65 C and doing it but still I have a weird high spot near the center of the bed and low spots on the right bottom corner.

Does anyone else have this issue?
Also has anybody increase the amount of samples that the bed mesh calibration takes to create the bed mesh? I see that I can adjust it in the printer.cfg but I don’t know what to change.

Christian Vick’s printer_additions are a great add to your printer and they are free on Printables.

Ditch the springs and hard mounts for the rubber ones, (sub $8 off Amazon or aliexpress can get high temp).

One is shorter than the rest, Whether it goes to the top left or bottom left is still a mystery to me.O got some that were all the same size.

But they did help with the bed leveling, the Christian Vick’s printer—additions make it bed level before every print and add a lot of functionality.

Set it to 40C when doing the bed leveling and I have never been able to get it to look flat completely.

The reference point is top left but for some reason I think the short one goes to the back left where the power cord is.

Hopefully someone can can chime in.

I got a bunch all 16mm and the bottom left always needs to be cranked down more, hence why I think that is where the shorter one goes.

Creality’s come with one shorter too so there must be a reason.

If you add the Printer_additions it will give you a bed mesh and set a new one each print. Auto leveling in theory.

Hopefully someone else can clarify that for you.