Error - Probe samples exceed samples_tolerance

Hello! I have recently acquired a Svolo Sv07 plus printer. I’m really a noobie and I’m just starting. When I bought the printer a set everything up and all was fine. Now I am having problems creating the bed mesh, leveling the bed… A little bit of everything, so I’m trying my best to follow tutorials and everything online to try to get the best out of it but it’s complicated. It doesn’t print properly and there is an error that keeps coming to the screen everytime I try to level the bed with the screws or even when I set the Z tilt. The error is the following: Probe samples exceed samples_tolerance. I have been doing a research but I couldn’t find a solution since this error can be different thing? If anyone could guide me a little bit or tell me where I can find some more info I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot and if you need anymore info just tell me, I don’t know what else to try. Thanks Again!

Good morning. The printer won’t run right until it’s been calibrated. Did you do the paper test to achieve the correct Z settings? The order in which these things appear in the manual makes it a little unclear which ones come first.

Hello, sorry for taking so long to respond but I just saw your post. I just finished that war. You really have two options, the first using only the resources in your printer, for which I made a small guide in another answer that you can see here: Z Axis is too high - #3 by rarillo

The second, and it is the one I recommend, is to use Christian Vick aditions Printables

which after a simple installation process on your printer, perfectly explained in a pdf included in the download, will greatly facilitate and improve the calibration and printing process.
Additionally, I recommend that you use the profiles for orcaslicer created by the same author, which you can find here Printables

I hope all this helps you. We have a good machine but with little documentation. Good Luck

I tried following tutorials to follow that Christian Vick adirtions and thats when I started having problems… So I wouild like to find the best config but without errors haha this is so much more complicated that I tghought

Yes, it’s complicated. One thing that Christian’s tutorials do not explain well is that after calibrating, it is necessary to test print the first layer to adjust the z-height through fine adjustment. If you don’t do it nothing will work (I’m telling you this in case you haven’t done it)