Bed level and Mesh problems

I have massive problems with my bed level / mesh and I dont know, what to do anymore.
My Z-Tilt calibration looks like in this thread:

also, my bed mesh is all wonky and really off

I fastend the bolts of the Z axis, tried to set the V-rolls for the Z axis.
redone the papertest multiple times, even calib printing for the z axis.

what drives me crazy is, that with polymaker polyterra pla black, everything works, even with 150mm.
i than switched to fossil grey and it broke my print head (witch I replaced with a complete new one)
the color ice dosnt work neither at 25mm
It dosnt want to stick to the bed.

the only reason could be the bed level or is something else wrong?
I actually use an PET or PEO build plate and this worked fine before switching to fossil grey.
I clean it with 99% IPA

Has someone an idea, what causes this trouble?
Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

In my experience, if one filament (of the same type, for example PLA) works, but one other doesn’t, the usual thing is that you need a slightly higher printing temperature for the filament that doesn’t work. But since you have previous experience, you have probably tried this already.

its sounds funny, but no, I didnt try this.
Tomorrow I will try it and give feedback.

I think that I didnt try this, because I thought the bad bed level is the problem and not the temperature.

If one filament works then the bed leveling is ok, right?

This is, what I thought.
But the First Print with the polyterra Fossil grey broke my printhead.
After replacing it, I couldnt get this color or the ice color to stick.
I’m thinking of to buy the black color again and see what happens.

I made another print with ICE at 225°C/60°C
It printed better, sticked mostly to the bed.

The corners lift Up a little bit. I post a picture tomorrow.

Not the best print, but it finished.
The corners still lifted up and I got some grooves on the bottom and I dont know, what causes this kind of problem.
With Klipper Printer Addition, it should normaly all sort it out, if the Z offset is good (did paper test and it was good).

Pictures only as link, because I cant attach more than one to a thread.