Build Platform - not centered

Just got my SV06Plus and assembly went well. When I do the auto levelling the extruder does not go to the front of the build plate but aligned more with the second row…then when it goes to the last row the build plate hits the stop making a racket and then completes the calibration.
The Home position is X=125 and Y=175

In the slicer I stick a calibration cube in the centre of the build plate (x=150 y=150) and slice. When printing it positions the print at x=150 but the y position is back further at around 175

I can’t help but feel this is wrong and that the machine is not centred on the build plate

Can this be adjusted?


Have you checked to make sure that the heating bed cable is not caught between the bed and the inside of the frame? That will prevent the bed from moving back all the way and screw up homing.

Hi ijaaz…checked and you a correct…the build plate was hitting the wall behind the printer…Duh!!!
I had a SV01Pro in the same place before replacing it with the SV06+ to get a bigger build plate and didn’t think of the extra depth when I positioned it. Thanks for your reply as it made me check properly!!

Question is the Home position X= 125 and Y= 175 correct…can you check for me on your unit?


yes, when my device homes, it goes to 125x 175y