Auto Bed Levelling: SV06

Hello, I am very new to 3d printing and just got my SV06 few days ago.

I followed the instructions for bed levelling but having a hard time on the last step: 25 step auto bed levelling. It does not start at point 1 and seems to be off by 5 points. By the time it comes to point 20, it will make a loud sound trying to go beyond the bed plate measurements. Anyone knows how to resolve this?

Also any manual on how to replace nozzles or to unclog? I only seem to see youtube videos for sv04 and below. The manual does not mention much about troubleshooting.

Thank you!

are both Z axes really at the same height?
measure the left and right if you have the same distance to the bed

if the printer is switched off, the z axis can be accidentally misaligned
if you have different z heights you will have problems printing

even a loose screw will cause problems that you can easily fix
but do not overtighten the screws

yes i just measured it and had to adjust a tiny bit. tried to do the bed level again and it is still the same. it is like when i print something, it totally ignores an inch in front of the bed like it does not exist. But it does go on that corner when i auto home.

I don’t know, but now you’ve ruled out one possible error…
the printer will certainly work in metric, maybe it doesn’t understand inches – 25.5 mm

just a guess

i guess it is a blessing in disguise that the filaments i ordered wont come till next week so i have a little bit of time to fix it lol. its not like i cant print anything, but still. considering it is not even a week yet and majority of sv06 users are printing smoothly :sob:

Check the thick black cable for the bed is not getting caught when the bed moves back. it should sit on top of the rear rail and move freely. this could give you the false stop location and cause the bed to start in the incorrect location.

When the printer is off, the bed should move freely.
The display may light up, this is normal.

the majority have ordered the sv06 but have not yet received it

I got the SV06 today and set it up.
The PSU fan is noisy.
I installed the firmware SV06-192A-1028-1.3.bin.

Autoleveling only checks the first 5 points.

I had a version of this issue when I setup my SV06 earlier this week. That bed heater cable on the back left of the bed that @dlorello mentioned was tucked under the bed and it should have been sticking up over the back of the printer instead of squished under the bed. That caused my Y-axis to grind, not home, and not. bed level properly. If you hear a grinding noise when the bed moves fully to the back, that’s definitely something to check.

Here’s a photo of what it should look like - that thick black cable from the bed should be coming straight off the back of the bed and over to top of the printer base. It shouldn’t have a loop or otherwise dip below the printer bed down below the base until it’s outside of the printer.