SV06 Problems with auto bed leveling

Constant problems with auto leveling.
The menu item bed leveling checks only 4 or 5 points. Not 25 points.
At the 4 or 5 point the nozzel presses on the bed but the sensor stays lit.
Then the SV06 breaks off without comment.

But Octoprint reports an error from the printer.
I also disconnected Octoprint and didn’t get any other results.

I have Z offset at -0.120

Sometimes the bed is so high that the nozzel scratches over the bed.
In part, the bed is so low that the filament does not stick.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to level the bed now.
Is the level sensor broken?

Hello Jenss,

i did not struggle with that, could be some software issue including leveling sensor, or some issue with the HotEnd mechanically. Did you checked all your screws on the HotEnd ? Maybe one or another is loose ? Or ist the printer on even ground ? Sounds really weird. If mechanically is everything alright, you could try to use the newest firmware update.
Hope you will find a solution soon.


What about the screw next to the touch sensor?
Do I have to tighten it all the way in
or does it adjust the touch?

Which one do you mean ?
I would like to post a picture i made, but as far as i see there is some issue on this board. Not possible to upload some.

Do you mean the big screw with the spring for tighten the Filament ?
Or the small one left of the leveling sensor ?

You can check if the end of the leveling sensor is at the same level as the end of the holding plate left to it. So this should be the correct position

The small screw at the top next to the sensor. Should I tighten it completely or does this change the position of the sensor?

Today there was only spaghetti on the hot bed. PLA
What stuck pulled the nozzle down again.
In the end, the entire project was wrapped around the nozzle.

Do I need glue on the hot bed for PLA?
I ended up cleaning the printer and turning it off.

Yes i would recommend to tighten this one up. I do not use glue for the print.
PLA stucks pretty well at my plate, yes sometimes some spaghetti error can occur. What Printing settings do you use for PLA ?

Yes, thanks. I tightened the screw next to the sensor. Because of that, the Nozzel kept ramming into the bed. Now I’ve noticed that when I tighten this screw, the sensor slides up. So if I tighten this screw then the nozzle is deeper.

If only I hadn’t listened to the advice to tighten that screw. ::::::::

But how can I now bring the nozzle and the sensor to the same level?
Tightening means the nozzle is deeper than the sensor.

Now I loosened the screw and pushed it down. This makes the nozzle too high.

Then I have to see tomorrow if I can get it set again.

Turning it all the way up as suggested here was wrong!

Hello Jesse did you ever figure it out?