Bed Leveling Screen stuck with octoprint

I want my svo6 plus to auto bed level every time i start a print.

However, when I use the G29 code to start bed leveling, it does it, but on the printers display, its stuck on “Auto leveling, please wait.” Is there another command to end bed leveling?

this is what I have in octoprint and my gcode

G29 T;

Ok, so it turns out that when I use the command G29 T in octoprint, it gets stuck on that screen.

But the one in PrusaSicers start g-code straight into the sd card is actually functioning as normal. Very weird.

Same issue for me. I changed from SV01 (stock + BLTouch) to SV06 Plus last week. I just copied my SV01 g-code for the sv06 and bed leveling was done 3 times in a row, after that everything got stuck and I had to reset eeprom and start from scratch. Then I recogized, that SV06 will make bilinear bed leveling instead of unified bed leveling (like my SV01 with bltouch firmware) and got G29 only in my start g-code. Leveling is done, but printer does not finish like yours an mesh will not be reported to octoprint.
Its quit annoying

I just pulled a mesh with pronterface an

It stuck on the same screen, reset, disconnect buttons did not jiggle it. quick power cycle didn’t either with the cable still attached.

gotta unplug and powercycle

I have only grokked Gates products, and so don’t fuck with those little bords.
the mesh looks like the 0.1mm shim pack I ordered will be useful, and other than an occasional PID cal, I just plug the tiny damn cards in an out

I’ve been emailing back & forth with Sovol for months about this.
Today, they admitted this issue. Apparently, they didn’t consider users would level the bed for every print (G29). They also said that they’re not sure when they will update the firmware.

Since my last post, I realized that it was also getting stuck in prusaslicer. So here is an update,

By adding this code before the purge code:

M104 S170 ; set nozzle to 170
M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; set bed to printing temp and wait
G28 ;Home
M420 S1 ; initialize bed leveling
G29 ; bed leveling
G1 Z0.5; Go up
G1 X1.1 Y5 Z0.5 F5000; and fuck off somewhere else
M109 S[first_layer_temperature] ; set nozzle temp to print temp

…the screen doesn’t get stuck. It just consistently works.

Can anybody tell me if this fixes their stuck screen issue? Any idea why it works?