Can't get the probe z offset to work on sv06

I just got my sovol sv06 the other day and have had nothing but troubles. i followed the instructions included and scratched the bed up, so that was great. but no matter what setting i have the probe z offset set to it prints too high. i can’t even seem to adjust it while printing. nothing works. nothing will stick to the bed because i can’t get it close enough to the bed.

i know i’m new, but i’d like to think i’m not dumb. what am i doing wrong?

also, what is the blue knob for on the base?

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Did you actually manage to get yours to bed level as mine wont:

I’m starting to worry about this. It looks like a nice bit of kit, easy to put together but I’m having troubles with the first step. Plus my offset was -7.11 which I thought was way too much…


Oh, the knob on the base is the belt tensioner if I think you are looking at the same one as me but without a picture it’s rather difficult to tell.

Ah that is what that’s for. mine did do the 25 points on the hot bed thing, if that’s what you mean.

i was pretty excited about this, but now i’m just frustrated.

Wondering if you storage the setting?
Just make sure you follow the steps:
auto z-aglin
auto-home (heating up)
auto-home again
probe z-offset
storage setting
bed leveling

Yeah I went through all those steps, more than once. Made sure to store each time too. I even tried reloading the stored settings too, just for fun.

Finally got it to stick and I’ve been doing the first layer squares test print but my supposed auto leveling bed doesn’t seem to be level, no matter how much I level it. the left side is getting at least close to what I want but not the right side so much.

Not trying to ask the obvious here, but your desk/bench surface that the SV06 is on is level, right?

Also, you can adjust the horizontal beam level using this trick from @ModBot on YouTube:

Yeah I made sure that the surface I put the printer on was level.

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the way to check the nozzle clearance is to finish the base configuration and auto Z adjustment and leveling. Then go into bed leveling and probe z offset.
Put a sheet of paper under the print head and SLOWLY adjust the offset start moving the paper around under the novel. As the nozzle moves down it will start to give a little resistance to the paper but not hold the paper, just some slight resistance. mine was approx.-2.04

My Benchy test print worked almost flawlessly with out of the box settings.

Did anyone find a solution for this? My sv06 out of the box does absolutely nothing when i cluck on the z offset. The numbers on the screen change. However the head does not move up and down. I have to fake the numbers in configurations to get it even close. Yes i scratched the bed. Made me super happy on brand new machine

I have the same exact issue. I checked basically everything I could think of, including the Modbot gantry leveling solution, as well as everything everyone on the official facebook user group suggested, and still no luck. It’s always too close on the left side of the bed resulting in way thicker lines that overlap and make super rough texture, okay/fine in the middle, and too far on the right either not adhering to the bed or barely adhering with thin lines and gaps in between.

Really hoping Sovol can help us here because this is rather frustrating. I’ve spent over 20 hours troubleshooting lol. :sob:

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Mine worked fine for a week or two, then now it won’l level at all. The Z offset ‘auto adjusts’ after i set it no matter what I do. Really nice to see how helpful Sovol is, they never respond to my requests, and i hardly see them responding to any of the issues in this forum… I won’t be buying again, and I sure won’t be recomending it to anyone else… This thing is hot garbage.

i recommend visiting the sovol sv6 facebook group page, if you use facebook. they’ve been super helpful for me.

Thank you. I did not consider that…

much appreciated it.

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