SV03 bed levelling issues, Z offset, x axis misaligned

Hi All,
I just purchased a SV03 and new to 3d printers. I am trying to level the bed and have a few questions.

  1. When I level each corner, the knobs on one side under the bed unwind all the way ( I think this is due to the x axis not being level , looks slighlty out and Idon’t know where to start with that issue) I can manage to just make the .2mm gap but I don’t think this is correct with these knobs so far out.
  2. After that issue, I try to adjust the Z offset but whatever direction I move the knob the nozzle does not move. I did however do a auto home and it pushed the nozzle into the bed.
    I don’t know what I am doing wrong, The instruction booklet says 1 thing, and the official Sovol SV03 bed level video does it a different way.
    Hopefully someone can give me a few quick pointers as I am keen to get this printer up and running.
    Thankyou for any help.

So after a lot of messing around I finally got this printer to work.
Z offset is not as advertised, it will not move if you follow instructions from Sovol.
Here is the fix for the Z offset.

  1. motion > advanced settings > Initialize EEPROM
  2. configuration > Restore Failsafe
  3. bed leveling > level corners
  4. bed leveling > auto home
  5. bed leveling > Z offset
  6. bed leveling > store settings
    Video can be found here A BEAST of a 3D Printer! | SOVOL SV03 Review - YouTube 7min 30sec mark

To align the X axis the fix for the SV01 can be used, video here from Sovol How to level the X axis | Sovol SV01 - YouTube

I still don’t know why the bed knobs need to be screwed out so far, but I got success with the above solution. Hope this helps someone, and please remember to do these steps at your own risk :slight_smile:

I tryed this and the z offset won’t budge