Major problems with new SV03

I just got my new SV03 today and what I thought was going to wonderful has become a nightmare. First when I try to level the corners 3 of them are easy to adjust but the back left corner is to high and hits the nozzle even with the adjustment screw all the way down. Then I let it do a bed calibration and tried to print a calibration cube. It does not stick to the bed. The temperatures at set at the recommended levels. But now I have a much, much bigger problem! When I tell to auto home starts moving and then makes a loud rattling noise and then it thinks the center is at the very back of the bed! If I try to tell it to calibrate corners it has no idea where the corners are and makes the loud rattling noise again as it moves. As you can imagine I’m super bummed. I really hope somebody can help.

Hello Randy

I don’t have a SV03, but I have a SV04 and the spec are similar so I can try to help (and I had similar issues)

First, I think you need to contact the Sovol Team directly at just in case.

Regarding your bed issue on the top left corner. I got a question, is your bed stable? Meaning if you try slightly to move a corner up and down, does it move? (It should not move)
I ask this question because when I first got my unit, the bed was not stable and it was moving a lot. I had to move the hex nut under the bed until the bed would not move.

Don’t try to print a first layer of anything until your bed is leveled with your extruder.
So you really need to focus on why you have this issue on the back left corner first.

I also had the rattle sound issue when I was trying to auto home.
I do not know if you are aware, but when the unit auto home, it is looking for a switch on each axes (X, Y and Z). For me the rattle was happening because a cable was in front of my extruder and it prevented the extruder to hit the switch. The fix was easy, I just used a cable tie on this cable in order to prevent this cable to be between the extruder and the switch.

I hope it helps.

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Hello RandyB

  1. Hot bed uneven; Please do a hot bed uneven test: hot rough test bed, please refer to the video: Uneven test of hot bed - YouTube, will be hot plate/glass break down on the plane, using a ruler to measure. If the gap is three or more sheets, fill the hot bed/glass plate. Please provide video for measurement and include hot bed/glass plate and ruler in the picture for confirmation. If it is a piece of paper or two sheets of paper, insert paper can be solve the problem of low middle high around Leveling tutorial of that platform‘s center lower than sides(Ender 3S) - YouTube

  2. The description of the problem seems to be that the Y-axis limit switch does not work. Check whether the Y-axis limit switch is not connected


Last night I got everything working except the print would pull up after the first layer. I was going to work on that this morning after getting more information. However now it has a new problem. The Z axis is not working correctly. When I hit auto home it moves in the X and Y but it seems think that the home point for the Z axis is a couple of inches above the bed. The little sensor plunger never comes down and the sensor is blinking red and I get the message STOPPED. I looked for a limit switch for that axis to see if something was in the way, but unlike the X and Y axis I can’t find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems that this printer is a wuss. It doesn’t like the cold. We turn down our heat at night and this room gets pretty chilly. I turned on a room heater, heated the bed and nozzle and now it’s working. Well there is that pulling the print off the bed when it goes to the next level but I think I can fix that. Thanks for the earlier help!!

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I finally got everything working. The last hurtle was not sticking to the bed. I kept lowering Z offset among other things but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Silly me I though the correction would be in the 15 to 30 range. I finally cranked way down to -645 to see what it would do. It worked!! Now it sticks a little to well and I need to gradually raise it until it sticks just right.


Also, make sure you clean the glass bed really good with at least 91% Isopropyl alcohol. There is a coating that will prevent prints from sticking. If you use a paper towel and the alcohol, you’ll get a yellow residue that comes off.

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Hi RandyB
SV03,z-axis has no limit switch, it is controlling the z-axis height by bltouch, if your bltouch is not working properly, please refer to the picture first to check the wiring, then contact our customer service after-sales staff, we will make a replacement. Please let me know which platform you bought it from, and I will provide the customer service email later.
1.About bltouch, please observe the state when you turn on the machine, has the probe been retracted two times and blinked intermittently?
1.1. If not, check if the wiring of bltouch is loose?
1.2. Check whether the top screw of the probe is tightened?
1.3. Is the probe bent badly?
2. hot bed does not dip, you can reduce the bottom printing speed to try and follow the previous tutorial to do the hot bed uneven test, if the hot bed is indeed uneven, please contact the after-sales service to reissue;.
3. temperature problems, the nozzle thermistor really can not work at less than 5 degrees, otherwise it will cause heating failure, please understand this point.
Thank you
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on new printers always tighten the bed screws all the way up and then adjust back down

about the prints not sticking yeah. would be nice to have a PEI upgrade option

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Hi, My bltouch’s calbe is broken and I have no way of knowing the wiring, could anyone send me a photo? its a xh2.54 4pin to gh1.25 5 pin