Bed won't level, Is the bed warped?

I bought a new Sovol SV03 a few weeks ago and have nothing but problems. I have a SV01 Pro and and Ender 3 all of which are great. However, This thing does not level. The left side would but not the right, The wheels are falling off the bed screw because the bed will not go up far enough on the right side. Someone in one of my other 3D community forums suggested getting the Sovol silicone leveling kit and that should take care of the issue. Well, That does not work either, Same problem. Left side will after 20 passes around the bed get level, The right side the wheels are falling off the screws even with the silicone bushings. At this point I’m assuming the bed is warped and junk? I have tried 24 prints and all have failed, Either bed adhesion issues or the print head knocks something around or doesn’t lay layers right. WHich I would expect with a bed that’s not level. Not sure where to go from here, This thing is a $400 paper weight at this point. Any help or suggestions on what I should do next I would greatly appreciate. Yes, I also sent a message to Sovol but have not heard anything back.

Sorry for causing you trouble and for late response. Have you solved the problem? If not, could you test if the hotbed is warped by following the steps in the link : Help Center SV04 | Sovol3d BLOG blog | Sovol3d
there is a title in the bottom call: Hot bed bending measurement method :wink:
If you have that problem, please email your order id、manufactory id(QR code under hotbed) and your faulty pic or video to or pm sovol page again. My colleague will help you.
Sorry again that it causes you trouble. :upside_down_face: