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I’m still trying to get started with this. It’s my first printer. I have a video but I can’t upload attachments because I’m a new user. 1-Turn on 2-settings 3-move 4-home. Nozzle moves to almost the back of the plate, but still on the plate. Then 1-settings, 2-level, Nozzle & plunger move off the plate and I shut do before the nozzle hits the plate. During this auto home there is a rumbling as the extruder moves from left to center. I realize that the plate is doing the moving but it’s easier to describe it this way. Thanks for any help.
Firmware version: V1.1.4
Screen: V2.0
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Did you already set up your SV04 according to the user manual?
From your description it is not clear whether the rumbling results from the nozzle scratching the printbed or from a stepper motor that tries to move an axis beyond its limits.


Thanks for your reply. I set it up according to the manual. I have gotten it centered at times, enough to level the bed. I believe the rumbling is coming from the print bed trying to move too far forward resulting in the auto home problems. I’m brand new to 3d printing and I’m no computer expert either, so I think this could be fixable. I also emailed customer support. Thanks for your help.

can you describe exactly which axis is causing the rumbling? I had the following problem with the Z-axis.
After converting to full metal and changing the nozzle, the nozzle was a little shorter. That’s why I couldn’t lower the nozzle far enough so that there was only 0.1mm space between the nozzle and the bed.
The X-axis could not be moved further down because it stopped at the bottom.

The solution was to loosen all the bed level screws a few mm so that the bed was higher.

kannst du genau berschreiben, welche Achse das Rumpeln verursacht? Bei mir war folgendes Problem bei der Z-Achze.
Nach umrüsten auf Full-Metall und wechsel der Düse, war die Düse etwas kürzer. Deshalb konnte ich nicht mehr dir Düse weit genug herunter fahren, so dass nur 0,1mm Platz zwischen Düse und Bett ist.
Die X-Achse konnte nicht weiter nach unten bewegt werden, weil sie unten anschlug.

Lösung war, alle Bettlevelschrauben ein paar mm zu lösen, so, dass das Bett höher kam.

I believe the problem is with the Y axis (bed). I have a video but when I try to post it here it tells me my account is too new.

How about uploading the video anywhere else & just posting the link to it here?

Hi, can you post it on youtube?


Does this work? It’s on youtube.

No. Posting the link instead of the filename would help to find it.

Thanks for providing your video.
Without any doubt this behaviour observer could damage your SV04. Unfortunately it is not possible to confirm that this behaviour is result of a firmware bug because Sovol did not publish their sources for the 1.1.4 firmware, so far…
In the former firmware version 1.1.0 the SV04 has been instructed to perform homing again when pushing the button “Levelling” as you did in 0:59 sec in your video.
Instead of homing your SV04 moves the Y-axis to the front. The noise starts when the Y-axis reaches the end tries to move further. Usually there are soft limits in the firmware that should prevent this behaviour.

Possible solutions:

  1. Write Sovol support about the problem you observed. Send them the link to your video. Demand to fix that problem. Suggest to publish the current firmware sources. Be aware that this might take some time…
  2. Install a custom firmware. There is more that Sovol’s stock firmware outside that brings more features and options. For instance John Carlson’s version or mine. Be aware that changing the firmware will require to update the display software, too. Instructions how to change firmware & display software can be found here.

Is there any chance that this is a firmware problem?

This is not unlikely: Sovol’s former SV04 firmware versions had issues with unintended head movement from the move screen that happened occasionally. Without having the sources of your current firmware version it is impossible to confirm that these issues have been fixed.

It came with V1.1.4

I’ve seen videos for installing firmware. It’ll take me some time but is probably doable. Is John Carlson firmware any good?

Yes, it offers more features than any other SV04 firmware that Sovol ever published & a colorful user inferface.

Thanks. I might give it a shot.