Initial setup Z axis calibration issue

Just got an SV04, have assembled, and am attempting to calibrate for the first time following the guide. Completed X axis calibration and homed nozzle 1 over the center of the bed. When I slide the piece of paper in and attempt to lower the Z axis using the interface controls (“Z-” button), the nozzle will not go lower. Z axis is already bottomed out (I can hear the motor engaging but then stopping) though there is at least 1.5mm gap between the nozzle and the paper. It appears the nozzle should somehow be manually adjusted, but I cannot see how to do this and there is nothing in the guide. Also, the Z axis sensor activates when the nozzle is still several mm above the bed. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Spolwort

Can you show a picture of the screen when you try to adjust the Z offset?
I want to see if you have the latest version.

Hi Spolwort,

So yes you are using the latest version of the firmware for the screen.

I’m stunned that you are trying to go more than -3.0mm on your SV04.
Was it like this out of the box?
Mine only needed -0.75mm.

I think you need to contact the Sovol team directly at because I believe there is a limit in the firmware which prevents your from going any further.

There are two solutions that I see:

  1. Design and print (on another printer) your own plate to mount the extruder and BLtouch at a heigh difference between -0.5mm and -2mm
  2. Change the firmware to remove this limitations

Both will require the Sovol team to help you with this.

Let me know which solution you end up going with.

The z axis actually only moved about 1mm before hitting the end of z axis travel. After that, the number on the interface would increase when I hit the button but it does not move. As I stated above, the z axis is definitely bottomed out. It is as low as it can mechanically go. I ended up manually adjusting each of the 4 corner adjusters to raise the build plate, which at least allowed me to try printing but in my opinion it is not a real solution as it takes the corners out of alignment with the center of the build plate. There should be a way to manually lower the #1 extruder without redesigning the mount. Extruder #2 has an adjustment screw, which is extremely tight and it cannot be adjusted without pliers, but I was at least able to lower it enough to drag the tip across the paper.

Have you tried lowering the z switch that is triggered when you home the printer?

Set your Z back to 0 then save. Then do a bed screw level then go back and do your Z offset, don’t forgget to save. Mines on -1.45.

Hello spolwort. Regarding the tight extruder #2 adjustment screw, the extruder travels vertically on 2 small rods. If you look closely at both sides, you will see 2 small set screws on each side that lock the position of the extruder to the 2 rods. Using the small allen key that came with your printer, you can loosen these screws to allow the adjustment knob to function. I dont know if they should be retightened but I left mine loose as the vertical position changed slightly when I retightened them.