Z-axis only moves up

Hello. Have had a Sv04 for 3 weeks. It was printing great until yesterday when it suddenly stopped moving down the Z-axis after completing a print. When you start the level function, it goes up briefly and then does everything in the air. The BlTouch stifft also extends and retracts in the air.
Various restarts and firmware updates brought no improvement.

Please help

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kremse

I would guess your BLTouch is the issue. Without seeing the leveling, it would be hard for me to know more. If the BLTouch extends and then retracts before it touches the bed, I would try to manually hold the pin in the extended position to see if the Z axis moves down during homing.

Does your printer have the BLTouch or the CRTouch? I had the BLTouch on a different printer with inconsistent results, but my SV04 has the CRTouch and has yet to provide incorrect results. I cannot say I did not have a bad BLTouch as I never replaced it. I just went back to physical limit switch on the previous printer.

My SV04 also has the CR touch. Tried to hold the pen down, but the Z-axis still didn’t move down. Cable, plug all ok
Reinstalled firmware, nothing helped. Consider sending the printer back.