Z-Axis Failure

I have bought a new SV04 since 2 week. It works perfectly since yesterday.
But now I have some trouble with Z axis, because sometimes it not goes down but it goes up everytime.

So when I want to do the AutoHome, or Aux Leveling or Measuring it often doesn’t work.

I don’t understand and I can’t use the printer now

Thank you

Could you please check if the Probe works good?
First, Can the probe extend and retract twice normally when you turn on the printer? Re-plug the 3d-touch probe end, the connection between the adapter board end and the main board end to ensure that it is firmly inserted and not damaged
Next, Check whether the screw (refer to the picture) on the top of the 3d-touch is tightened?

Then, Unscrew the screw on the top of 3d-touch, take out the probe, check if the magnet in the probe is sucked out, refer to the picture.

You can also try flashing the firmware again.
Firmware: SV04 V1.1.0 (24th Jan 2022) - Google Drive
Flash firmware video tutorial: How to Flash Firmware for Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer 2021(Touch Screen Firmware& Mainboard Firmware) - YouTube

Yes, the probe works good and it extract normaly when I turn on the printer
My printer have a CR-Touch manufactured by Creality and not a BL-Touch.
So I can’t check the probe and the magnet as showed on your Picture.
Thank you.

I have flash the firmware withe the last version but for the screen the flash isn’t available, I have a result : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 etc…