Z-Probe failing

I’ve had my SV04 for two months now. Turned it on this morning and while getting ready to run a print job the z-probe is failing to deploy. So the printer can’t get the Z homed and I can’t get a bed measurement done. The probe is not physically stuck, I can manually deploy and stow it but the printer can’t. I connected octoprint to it and ran an M401 and M402 but both commands did nothing, no activity on the probe.

The M401 command results in the Z axis raising and then the probe starts to blink red. It will continue to blink red until I run an M402 command and then the probe goes back a normal lit with a pinkish color.

Just ran M401 again, goes to blinking red. I manually deployed the probe and nothing happens, no movement on any axis, probe continues to blink red. Ran M402, nothing happens for a couple seconds but then the probe stows and goes back to the normal pink color.

Submitted this via email to info@sovol3d.com but thought someone might see this here and have an idea of what’s going on and a way to fix the problem.