SV04 auto home fails

I recently purchased and assembled an SV04. The firmware is V1.1.0, screen is V2.0. Following the setup instructions in the box I tried to level the bed by going to Settings-> Leveling. The printer attempts to auto home, but when homing the Z axis the printer deploys the Z probe, begins to lower, but does not detect when the probe touches the print bed, and does not stop driving the Z axis stepper downward. Eventually, the printer reports that the printer needs to be reset because home failed.

The probe appears to be connected properly: on a power-on it deploys and retracts twice, and it is emitting a blue light. The failure point appears to be when the probe contacts the bed it’s not registering the contact, and continuing to drive down. I’m unsure how to triage this as all of my previous printers have used manual leveling, so I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Could you pls check if the wires are connected well and not broken?
Then try reformating the printer or reflashing the firmware
Firmware:SV04 V1.1.0 (24th Jan 2022) - Google Drive

Tutorial for flashing firmware:How to Flash Firmware for Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer 2021(Touch Screen Firmware& Mainboard Firmware) - YouTube
Leveling video:【Updated Version】SV04 IDEX Leveling Tutorials: How to Level the Hot Bed of SV04 IDEX 3D Printer - YouTube

Then see if it works. If not, pls let me know