Autohome not working

I just finished cleaning my nozels filement tube and now the auto home dosent work. I can typically just turn the printer on and off again to reset it but now nomatter how many times i turn it off and back on the extruder by the right extruder keeps clanking against the right most side and sometimes and i get an error popup.

It may be that the thread is loose or damaged when cleaning the nozzle.
Try something following.

  • Can the probe retract back and forth twice normally when it is just turned on? Re-plug the probe end of the 3d-touch, and the wiring between the adapter board end and the main board end to ensure that they are firmly inserted and not damaged.
  • Check if the machine screw on the top of the 3d-touch is tightened?
  • Swap the adapter board and the adapter cable respectively, and then test the leveling again.
    -You can try to flash the firmware again, firmware + tutorial:
    SV04 V1.1.0 (24th Jan 2022) - Google Drive

Post back test video if it doesn’t work.

good day, i have similar problem by the auto home , its push bed down, then brobe retrakt. i have 1.1.0 and display 2.0