Sovol SV04 extruder cannot even reach the bed

Got a new Sovol SV04 printer. It went together easily, but when I try to level the bed, the left extruder can’t even reach it (I haven’t even started on the right one, gotta do the left one first). When I try to lower it to the paper sheet, it stops way before it’s even close to touching the paper. When it reaches that limit, when I press the down arrow on the touchpad, something clicks, but the extruder isn’t lowering. The Z axis value on the touchscreen decreases, but the extruder isn’t lowering. I can lift it just fine, and it lowers up until that point. Which, again, is far from touching the paper. Looks like the bed sits way too low, beyong the lowest possible travel of the Z axis. I got the same result in the middle and in all 4 corners (and the middle is lower than the corners, which is apparently a common problem).

Has anyone had this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Would be great to fix it without having to send the printer back to Sovol.

Hi, It should be that the spring under the heat bed is contracted too tightly, causing the heat bed to be very low.
Tighten the leveling nut first to raise the heat bed to the extent that the 3d-touch probe can touch it.
And then follow the leveling tutorial:

Tell me if it doesn’t work

Have you done the automatic z axis align? Have you done in leveling home? This probes depth and sets default before you manually adjust each corner.

And the steps before extruder depth? If those aren’t done right forget getting the steps after it right.

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