Right extruder print not sticking to bed but left extruder is perfect

Hi there,
I am trying the single print gear and circle on sv04 idex. the print is not sticking on the 2nd extruder on single print(mode 02). I am not sure why, I have loosen the 4 screws and retighen them. the top right corner is not scraping the paper during the paper test.
I am using sovol provided blue pla for the 2nd extruder. 60 degree on the bed and 190 degree on the nozzle.

Any suggestion or youtube video tutorial

I have followed this step:
How to Level the Hot Bed | Sovol SV04 【Updated Version】 - YouTube.
Except extruder right of number 1 cannot achieve scratch paper position due to the curve bed like everyone else without the busher

the answer you’re looking for should be here:

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