New Sv04 Setup Issues


I purchased a new SV04 on November 26. Since then, I haven’t had much success with prints

I have followed the instructions about adjusting the x-axis, leveling, extruder distance check, etc.

I have a few issues

  1. I can only get the left extruder to print. The right heats up but doesn’t print in mirror mode or copy.
  2. Now the left extruder isn’t sticking to the bed

I’ve made sure the slicer and the printer as in the correct mode

The one time the right extruder was recognized, it didn’t print filament, and the left extruder collided with it at the end of the print. I haven’t had the right extruder work since then. Also, this was in dual mode printing xyz cube

I’ve made sure I’m on the correct firmware.

Kind of at a loss on what to do next


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