Need Help Calibrating Left Extruder on New SV04

As the title says, I have recently bought an SV04 and I have finished all the other calibration, but I can’t seem to calibrate the left extruder properly on the X axis. It keeps grinding trying to go further left than it should be and from the calibration test print, it seemed to think it was almost 4cm to the right of where it actually was, meaning it was printing almost 4cm to the left of where the right extruder prints. after trying a bunch of other stuff, I tried manually pulling the left extruder all the way to the right and then having it go home, which made it much better. It didn’t grind against the left side and seemed to almost be centered. But when trying the calibration print again, it was still a good bit off. Now it is 3.4 cm from where it seems it should be given the location of the calibration print. However, when finished and trying to return to the outside, it still moves all the way left and then grinds for a few seconds before stopping. I have looked on this forum and elsewhere, and can’t seem to find anything about this, though I may be wording it incorrectly. My firmware is up to date and turning it on and off does not fix the issue. My current thoughts are that I would need to either reinstall the firmware, even though it is up to date, and/or somehow move the belt without moving the extruder. IDK. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Hello j’ai trouvé ça :+1: