Calibrer extrudeur

Good morning
I have a sv04 and i have a problem with under extrusion how to calibrate the setps ans especiallu how to save them. I did not find any video on it.


have you tried using the extrusion multiplier in the slicer you use?

I generally don’t change e-steps unless I change the extruder, in many cases I just adjust the option mentioned above and the problem goes away. (when no other option is causing it)

Before applying any changes to your printer settings, you may want to ensure that your filament can run through your filament sensors smoothly. On my SV04 the filament sensors had so much resistance that I bypassed & unpluged them. This solved my underextrusion problem.
Otherwise a general extrusion calibration guide can be found here. Note that you will have to use g-codes T1 or T0 to switch between right and left extruders & use T0/T1 parameters in the M92 command for each extruder, for example: M92 T0 E121.93 or M92 T1 E134.00

i use cura 5.2.1 i find it where the extrusion multi^plcator sorry i am newbie