Z-axis caibration issues / bed leveling

i have an issue with my sv04, for some reason i just can’t seem to calibrate the z offset.
i’ve adjusted the z offset for extruder 1, did auto bed leveling, and got a nice first layer doing a calibration cube using just the first extruder. when i change the mode to mirror/duplicate afterwards the previously adjusted z offset just doesn’t work anymore and the printhead is scratching the bed. on parts where auto bed leveling says the bed is higher.

also, the z offset while leveling is completely different from the z offset while printing (about 0.3-0.4 mm). so adjusting the extruder to 0.1 mm using a leveling gauge means printing in the air during an actual print.

and for some reason running bed ABL (measuring) again after adjusting the z offset for a good enough first layer invalidates the previous z offset.

i’m honestly out of ideas, something just doesn’t seem right.

edit: i’ve just got copy mode working fine with 2 good first layers, switched to dual mode, and the extruders scratch the buildplate.
switched to mirror mode, and still scratching the buildplate.
switched back to duplicate mode, everything works fine.
no idea whats going on. it seems like the calibration only works for specific modes.

Hi Tomwa

Do you save your setting after you enter the z offset?

Do you see a save button on the screen?

If not, then the first advise is to flash the firmware of both the motherboard and the screen.

The Sovol has published a manual on how to flash these two items.

Updating to this latest version will allow you to save your z offset parameter and it should take care of this issue.

Let us know if it works or not for you!

Hi, I have a similar problem. I do all the leveling and it’s ok, I print and respect the mesh, but in the next prints sometimes the Z-offset appears to have an error similar to the one mentioned above. scratches the table when starting so i need to quickly adjust the offsett while the first layer is being done. At other times, the opposite happens, the nozzle goes up a lot and needs to adjust the zoffset again, but down.

the printer has updated board and display firmware.

Hi Deivs

It looks like the Sovol Team might need to get involved to help you.

In the mean time, I was wondering, is you BL touch wobbly?

The issue you described made me think that something is going on with the BL touch.

yes, my bl touch is showing several values when I click on measuring without even touching the table.

Attached 2 sample images. at other times without touching the table it jumps from 0.xxx to 1.xxx the z-offset

I forgot to mention that I bought the printer 1 month ago.

i’ve also thhought that it might be related the the mesh leveling, also the scratches are mostly on the high spots of the print bed, so i thought that sometimes the values are not applied. i’ve just got a new glass bed that’s hopefully flatter than the original printbed and will do a test with it.

yeah, i’ve saved the settings. had to reflash the firmware though because for some reason the “adjust” screen always deducted 0.05 from the offset whenever i opened it.
haven’t tried to flash the screen firmware though.

If the issue remains after you flash the screen firmware my advises is for you to contact the Sovol team directly at info@sovol3d.com.
They always helped me through my issues

switching to a glass bed fixed the issue for some reason, so i assume the actual problem was warping of the build plate or flexible magnetic plate. not sure why it seemed to affect some modes different than others, i guess it was just a coincidence and i jumped to the wrong conclusion.