How to fix the leveling on my printer?

I have owned my sv04 since December of 2022, since then it worked great until late march 2023. At this time when I was leveling the bed it felt good with paper, but the measurements would read milimeters off, then I redid the measuring function and the measurements would change again to a different crazy value, yet I didn’t change the z offset or the leveling nuts. I then thought to reflash the software, but I was still having the same issue with the measurements and leveling. What do I need to do to get this fixed?

Your problem description is insufficient to give any precise advice. I suggest you follow the SV04 levelling & calibration tutorials first. If the problem is still in place afterwards try describe it with more details.

When I use the measuring function it gives me one set of values the first time, then the extruder is sitting on the bed, so I re level the bed. During the releveling I lower the bed, so that it feels good with the paper test. then when I run the measuring function again it gives me the same values as the first time, even though I lowered the bed which should change the values.

I suppose that the Z-offset was lost by firmware update & maybe some steps were mixed up. It should work in this order:

  • Using the usual printing temperatures for bed & nozzle is a good idea when leveling the print bed.
  • Use aux leveling to get the print bed in a horizontal position with minimum tilt manually.
  • Set Z-offset to compensate distance between left nozzle & touch sensor. The paper method will roughly help to identify a 0.1mm distance between nozzle & print bed - a feeler gauge will work precisely. Save Z-offset to EEPROM iot keep it.
  • Measure bed leveling & save to EEPROM.
  • Finish adjustment of left nozzle before doing any leveling of right nozzle.
  • Use aux leveling to set right nozzle Z-level by adjusting the top screw on right extruder. Keep in mind that tightening the four side screws will tilt the extruder slightly. Therefore leave some extra distance iot compensate that delta. The side screws need to be tight iot keep the same Z-level of right nozzle during printing.
  • Adjust X-offset & Y-offset using the “Calibration.3mf” file on the SD-Card. Save to EEPROM iot keep them.