Firmware that helps leveling the bed?

Does anyone know of a good firmware that helps with leveling of the bed? You would think, Sovol would have it set up. Where it measures all 4 sides. Then tells you how many much each side is out of level?
I will say, I’m new to this with the last few months. But sure there has to be a better mouse trap. That takes less time to level the bed on this things. Mine I can get about as close as you can get it. But takes a lot of time, using a Digital Dial Indicator Gage. Printed a holder for it. That snaps to the cooling fan. Then adjust it that way, but still has to be a better program for this printer.
Thanks in advance for any help. Below is prints off the machine. Back 2 were done overnight. Nice printing these 2 at a time. As I have printed 12 have 12 more to go. Gifts for Christmas.

(This is as of September 2023 (things change))

While I still have a few questions about the published document to level the bed, I don’t find that I have to level the bed very often. I may go through the process if I have a large print, but I don’t know that I have to do it.

I basically follow the SV04 Bed Leveling Guide, but am not sure if the Auto Z-align is at the correct placement in the guide. I may not understand it’s purpose, so I’m not sure.

After I made sure all of the axis adjustment hardware is not too loose or too tight, I heat the bed and extruders to operating temperatures and lower the bed all the way with the large knobs and then rotate those large knobs 2 to 2-1/2 rounds to raise the bed. I then let the auto-homing routine run by going into the Leveling selection. After that, I go into AUX leveling and, using a paper, I adjust the large knobs with the left extruder at each bed corner. I have to do this multiple times as adjusting one corner affects the rest of the bed. This just gets the bed generally level. I don’t check the center of the bed during this time and I don’t touch the large knobs after this.

When I get the corners as close as I think I can, this is when I think Auto Z-align routine should be performed, but, again, not sure if I understand its purpose correctly. I assume this routine is used to make sure the two sides of the axis are the same height because the Z axis is using two motors, so it is possible the two might get out of sync at times. I assume any difference in the two sides is saved in software to compensate during normal printing operation.

Now, i place the left extruder in the center of the bed to adjust the Z axis/home offset and adjust it using a piece of paper. I may run auto-home again before this. A feeler gauge would probably be more accurate, but I don’t have one. I think the paper gets it close.

After that, I run the Measuring routine which I believe should take care of small differences in an un-level bed due to an imperfect bed plane and also my paper-measuring step at each corner performed toward the beginning. I then save the results and go on. Now is when I would check/adjust the right extruder Z offset if needed. I haven’t checked the right extruder recently as dual colored prints are working out.

It really doesn’t seem to take too long to run through this, but I don’t do it all the time, either.