Bed leveling not working

Hi, I have problems with my bedleveling. It seems like the x axis is not parallel to the print bed. I tried the auto z align and also tried putting two objects on the bed with the same height to level the x axis. Both methods didn’t work. The nozzle is always too close on the left side and to far away on the right. Also when I align the x axis and level the bed afterwards and the check the x axis again, it seems to be misaligned again. Does anybody have an idea what could be the problem ? Maybe the z screws are faulty? Best regards

If you have the printer auto Z align (running it all the way to the top) it will throw any adjustments to leveling the X gantry out the window.
Once you do the “Soup can” tramming (I use 1-2-3 blocks) do not run the “Auto Z-Align” again. It will mess up your tramming.
I now use the visualizing from the auto bed leveling to adjust the Z stepper instead. Look at the grid, find the average of the right side vs the left side, turn off the steppers, move one side a little and re-map.
rinse, repeat.
After your last map, save the map. Add M420 S1 to your start code to reload the map after a power off.

This YouTube Video is worth a watch, he has a method that worked out alright.

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(Cut&paste) this to YouTube

Z-markers to keep Z-motors aligned on Sovol SV06, SV06Plus + How to Z-align using inductive probe

His name is - Gergo Viczian

Do 2 or 3 Folds in some Aluminum Foil ( about 5cm wide x 30cm Long) and place it long ways down the edge on the Right hand side between the the Hotbed and Magnetic Printing Plate, Don’t Calibrate the print again, just keep adding small layers of foil until it you get it even print-,
its called Shimming and has be used for thousands of years.

You might have to adjust the Z offset a little bit -

maybe the printer your surface is on is too tilted for the bed to adjust to. Also make sure to store your settings after each step of auto leveling according to the manual.