Sv04 bed not staying level?

Not sure why or how. But I can level the bed on my SV04. It will print using the left head. But shut it down, the next day its out again? It was delivered a week ago. Every day I have had to level the bed again. Today after printing a piece for 5 hours yesterday. It would print on the right side of the bed. While the left side was low? Could the springs be allowing it to drop that much?
I did notice today, that the auto level is not right? When it first goes to the center of the bed and touches down to the bed. By the time the sensor is stopping the head. The printer nozzle is pushing down on the bed?
I want this printer to work so bad. I don’t like sending stuff back. But between this and the right printer head being off. It when printing 2 parts at the same time. Its printing hall to 3/4" off the side of the bed.

There might be several reasons for your observations. You can try to eleminate them one by one:

  • Check the proper fit of the eccentric columns of your printers Y-axis.
  • Heat up print bed & nozzle to the usual printing temperatures before leveling.
  • Use aux leveling to get the print bed in a horizontal position with minimum tilt manually.
  • Set the Z-offset to compensate the distance between left nozzle & touch sensor. The paper method will roughly help to identify a 0.1mm distance between nozzle & print bed - a feeler gauge will work precisely. Save the Z-offset to EEPROM iot keep it - otherwise it will be lost when you shut off your SV04.
  • Print the "Bed_level_test.stl” file that came wth the SD-card of your SV04 in order to ensure that your bed leveling procedure was successful.

Additionally, you could install a firmware & display software version that allows better levelling support & a visualization of your printbed surface.

I had the same or similar issue with my SV04 when I got it. I could level the bed and the first print was basically successful. I didn’t have to turn it off and the next print would fail. If I leveled the bed again, I could print.

I ended up checking (and adjusting) all axis mounts. Using the eccentric nuts to fine turn each one and have not had any bed-leveling issues since. I suspect the rollers holding the bed are the most important and think that the bed wobbled just enough that removing/replacing the bed mat moved it out of level.