SV06 ABL starts too far back on plate

My new SV06, after a crash with the enclosure I made ( not deep enough ) now starts the ABL routine with the first row ( probes 1-5 ) where the second should be. It does 15-20 at the rear of the plate, stalls the y-axis motor, then does 20-25 in the same place. I’ve tried initializing the Eeprom - no effect. Any ideas out there? Thanks!

Check out this thread - it sounds like the issue I had with mine where the bed cable was getting caught between the bed and the back of the printer. The cable should come straight from the bed over the top of the printer’s base and not dip below the frame until it’s outside of the printer (photo in the other post).


AdamByram. Thank you so much for the information, which was spot on! I had thought that the bed cable was trained to run under the bed. In fact, I had put some Gorilla tape on the concrete paver the printer sets on in order to prevent abrasion on the cable. ABL works as it’s supposed to now, and I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT!!!

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I looked at it several times myself before I realized what was happening on mine. I could see the bed wasn’t homing correctly, but just glancing at it, it wasn’t all that obvious to me either. I’ve got several other printers that do route cables below the bed as well so this didn’t stand out as a problem to me for a while either.

Anyway, glad that resolved it! I think this is happening to quite a few people (mine came this way in the box, but I can see it happening just moving it around and bumping that cable etc). At least it’s a quick and easy fix!