Y-Motor extending build plate extending too far

Hi everyone! I am quite a newbie to 3D printing and I ran into problems with my SV06Plus after nice prints for about 10 months:
The auto-home finds the correct position, but when printing

starts, the y-motor drives the build plate too far out until it grinds and then the print starts too far up on the upper end of the plate, grinding the y-motor again.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
I already updated to the latest firmware (V1.1.5), Marlin Version, checked that no cables get caught underneath the build plate etc.
I did not change anything in the Cura Gcode settings.
Thank you very much for your help in advance!!

Download- Orca Slicer and/or PrusaSlicer and select the SV06+ Profile during install and give them a test run - there profiles are pretty spot on so you won’t have change anything to do a few test Prints, your problem with Cura does sound like a Start G-Code issue -

Did it print ok after you updated your firmware ?
or did you only update the Firmware to try and fix the problem ?

Thank you @Mindless for your comment!
I also thought that the G-Code might be the problem, but I never changed that in the last 10 months.

Meanwhile, I managed to solve the problem: I used auto-home again and switched to the positioning function (lower left). From there I could see that the value of the y-coordinate was 0 (zero), which should be at 175 at the home position, if I am not mistaken.
So I manually used the y -10 button to extend the build plate to the maximum possible (the screen still showing y = 0, and then used the keypad to bring the plate back to the home position, with y = 175.

Now the menu shows y= 175, x= 125 and z= 0 at the home position

From then on everything went fine, the prints are centered again as they should be.
Looking back, before the problem started I did one print and used the “stop print” function to abort printing. Perhaps that had caused some parameters to be overwritten or not being initialized properly.

Once again thank you very much for your help!
I hope the trouble does not come back!